Message From The President - February 2017

A Message From Betty Vandenbosch, PhD, President

When you are a student, assessment and testing are a fact of life. Well, they are a fact of life for the University as well. You may not realize that, in addition to evaluating our students, we continually assess our faculty and curriculum.

By comparing our students to students at other universities we validate that our students are learning what they need to learn and that we are improving our curriculum and faculty processes. We use several third-party organizations to help us benchmark our performance.

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For the past four years, Kaplan University’s School of Business and Information Technology has been using Peregrine Testing administered through Peregrine Academic Services, to test our students’ knowledge of business disciplines and compare those results to the results of students at other institutions.

During some terms, students in business degree programs at Kaplan University take the Peregrine exam. It is part of the first and final business course in each business degree program and covers topics often referred to as the core of business knowledge. For specialized degrees, such as the Bachelor of Science in Accounting, there are additional tests that focus on detailed subject knowledge.  

I am more than pleased with our 2016 calendar year Peregrine testing results.

Students in both our Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Accounting scored better in every subject category than students at peer schools in their final term at Kaplan University. 
In business degrees, Kaplan University students scored higher than the average of students in peer schools in 52 of the 61 subject tests.  
Year over year our scores improved as a result of using the previous year’s results as input to our continuous curriculum improvement process.   

Peregrine is just one of many ways we compare Kaplan University to other universities. We use also highly regarded institutional surveys, such as the Adult Learner Inventory (ALI) and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). For profession-specific assessments we use the State Bar of California’s First-Year Law Students’ Examination and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX®) to ensure our students are learning what they need to learn and can demonstrate their learning in a test environment. You can read more about our outcomes in our Academic Annual Report.

And, the best part is we do it all so our students do better.

Dr. Betty Vandenbosch 

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Dr. Betty Vandenbosch
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