Paying For School

As an online school that accepts financial aid, Kaplan University is committed to helping you find more ways to save on college tuition. Our scholarships, grants, transfer and experiential learning credits, and Tuition Cap are some of the ways we can help lower the cost of your tuition and help you graduate sooner. Learn more about how to pay for school below.

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Tuition and Savings

At Kaplan University, tuition and fees may vary by program, location, and student status. Discover the ways we can help reduce your tuition costs.

Tuition and Fees


Take a look at the scholarship programs that could help you pay for your education at Kaplan University.

Kaplan University Scholarships

Financial Aid Process

Kaplan University offers detailed information to guide you through the financial aid process.

Financial Aid Process

Student Grants

Learn about the grant options that may be available to Kaplan University students.

Student Grants

Student Loans

Find important information about the student loan process including documents and resources to guide you.

Student Loans

Financial Resources

Find the resources you need for applying for financial aid and learning about the financial aid process all in one place.

Financial Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about financial aid. Should you have any additional questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 866.458.2008 (Toll Free). Important federal student aid information is also accessible on the U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid website.

  • What is Kaplan University's school code requested on the FAFSA?

    Kaplan University’s school codes are as follows:

    Online students use 004586 (Davenport, Iowa)

    Augusta Location: 004586

    Cedar Falls Campus: E00920

    Cedar Rapids Campus: 004220

    Council Bluffs Campus: E01153

    Davenport Campus: 004586

    Des Moines Campus: E00925

    Hagerstown Campus: 007946

    Indianapolis Learning Center: 00458600

    Lewiston Campus: E01190

    Lincoln Campus: 004721

    Mason City Campus: E00926

    Milwaukee Learning Center: 00458600

    Omaha Campus: 008491

    Rockville Learning Center: 00458600

    St. Louis Learning Center: 00458600

    South Portland Campus: 009292

  • Are there any special benefits for active duty military?

    Kaplan University offers a tuition discount on all associate's and bachelor's degree programs for active duty military personnel. See Military Benefits and Financial Aid.

  • How many courses must I enroll in per term to be eligible for financial aid?

    Courses vary in the amount of quarter credit hours they are worth. For undergraduate programs, the total credit hours of the courses in which you are enrolled must equal or exceed 6 quarter credit hours per term to be eligible to receive financial aid. For standard graduate programs, the total credit hours must equal or exceed 4 quarter credit hours to be eligible. If you are enrolled in a nonstandard graduate program, the total must equal or exceed 2 quarter credit hours.

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Tuition and Financial Aid Documents

To download and view the most popular resources for tuition and financial aid information, select a PDF from the options below.

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