Campus and Learning Center Experience

At Kaplan University's campuses and learning centers, you’ll have access to career-focused master's, bachelor's, and associate's degree programs and certificates as well as the added benefit of local support and services to personalize your Kaplan University experience.

Our online programs provide you with the flexibility to plan class and study time to fit your unique schedule. Campus and learning center students also have the added benefit of attending onsite labs and class sessions for select courses. Onsite program and course options vary so check with your location to find out what is available.

Kaplan University Hagerstown Campus

Introducing a University When and Where You Need It

Our campus and learning center facilities provide a wealth of onsite resources, including study areas and, in many locations, labs with program-specific equipment. Your local team of Advisors can assist you with education advising, financial aid, student accounts, career services, and admissions and are available every step of the way—from enrollment to graduation.

As a Kaplan University student, you can take advantage of tutoring though the Academic Success Centers and will have full access to resources available through the Kaplan University Online Library. You’ll also have the opportunity to join student clubs and groups to build relationships with classmates.

Kaplan University campuses and educational learning centers have an established connection to their local communities, including alliances with area employers to help support students who are seeking employment. We keep a pulse on area employment needs to ensure program offerings support the demands of the local economy. In addition, locations host onsite events that provide opportunities to network with fellow students, area employers, and other members of the community.

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Facilities Designed to Help You Learn

Our campuses and learning centers are centrally located near major highways, restaurants, shopping, and bus routes and offer a variety of onsite facilities to help you succeed.

Equipped for Success
General equipment for all programs includes computers with Internet access, overhead projectors, and a variety of software and electronic sources.

Some locations offer student lounges with televisions, vending machines, fridges, and microwaves. You can also utilize onsite study areas to meet with classmates or focus on your assignments.

Hagerstown Campus Computer Room
Hagerstown Campus Computer Room
Augusta Campus Learning Lab
Augusta Campus Learning Lab
Lewiston Campus Firearms Training
Lewiston Campus Firearms Training
Maine Campuses Medical Lab
Maine Campuses Medical Lab

Student Life, Onsite Support, and More

We're proud to offer student clubs, onsite activities, program-specific labs, and onsite services for additional learning and social opportunities. Offerings vary so be sure to contact your location to find out what they have going on.

Student Life

Student Clubs

Our campus and educational learning center students have access to the same clubs and communities as our online students. In addition, some campus clubs participate in fundraising activities and host frequent guest speakers.

Past activities include:

  • Criminal Justice Club: Field trips to places of interest, such as prisons, crime labs, and courtrooms; community service events like the CSI Expo and Toys for Tots; and learning projects, such as mock trials
  • Writing Club: Creative writing and poetry workshops, projects that include writing letters to troops, paper review sessions, and used book sales
  • Health Sciences Clubs: Community health fairs and onsite review sessions for the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) exam
  • Business Club: Financial/tax information workshops, collection drives, and business attire fashion shows
  • IT Club: Computer repairs and diagnoses for fellow students and field trips to local IT firms
  • Student Government/Student Council: Town hall meetings with the campus president, campus clothing and food drives, community projects (including work with Habitat for Humanity), campus newspaper
  • APPEAL: Seminars and presentations on various legal topics as well as field trips to court

Program-Specific Labs

Many of our locations offer labs with program-specific equipment to complement the campus learning experience, giving students the opportunity to gain hands-on skills in a simulated, real-world environment.

Select locations offer:

  • Medical Assistant Labs: Most labs contain patient beds that mimic a doctor's office setting, an autoclave for proper sterilization of equipment, a centrifuge to work with fluid samples, a reception area, prosthetic arms to learn blood draws, and drawers and cupboards full of instruments and equipment used to teach students how to set up and complete various procedures and tests. There is also a child and infant "dummy" for practice exercises.
  • Nursing Skills Labs: These labs include hospital beds, wall consoles with mock oxygen adapters, ambulatory devices, a scale, and mannequins (both low- and mid-fidelity). Approximately 8 to 10 students can work in each lab at once. The lab gives students hands-on training prior to moving on to clinical settings.
  • Criminal Justice Labs:  These labs are equipped with a Fire Arms Training Simulator. This machine provides students with realistic training scenarios that aid in developing critical thinking skills, eyewitness identification, and on-demand verbal commands. Only one student is allowed in the simulation room at a time with the instructor. The scenarios can escalate or de-escalate based on the student's performance.

Community Activities

Our campuses and learning centers are involved in community activities and host many onsite functions throughout the year.

Past events include:

  • Annual Community Awareness Day
  • Academic Success Center workshops (topics include time management, APA style, and study skills)
  • Spring and summer family picnics
  • Teacher Appreciation Day luncheon
  • Events focused on domestic violence awareness and breast cancer awareness
  • Perfect attendance contests
  • Health and wellness and safety fairs
  • Financial literacy events

Onsite Services for Students

We offer a wide range of services to help you succeed, from academic tutoring to career services. Offerings vary so be sure to contact your location to find out what is available.

Career Services

The Career Services Department offers:

  • Resume reviews
  • Tips and techniques for writing effective cover letters
  • Job search tips and techniques
  • One-on-one mock interviews
  • Assistance with externship site selection and approval

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center offers:

  • Onsite tutoring
  • Disability services
  • Tips for study habits, test taking, and note taking
  • Time management strategies
  • Tools for writing and math
  • Support in overcoming test anxiety

Additional Services

Additional services include:

  • Community resource information for housing, utility assistance, childcare, medical/health programs, food, clothing, and financial assistance
  • Campus transportation programs such as Kaplan Rideshare, a carpool reimbursement program
  • New student orientation

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