Alumni Spotlight: Kelly Condie

Kelly Condie Paved Her Path to Leadership Through Dedication to Her Career and Studies

Kelly Condie is thrilled with her position as the director of a nonprofit childcare center. It was her dream to move to the administrative side of teaching, and she feels that Kaplan University did a great job preparing her.*

She also doubled her salary!

Kelly was a preschool teacher for 18 years before making the decision to go back to school. She loved teaching, but wanted to have more of a leadership and management role. Kelly knew that she needed to earn her degree first. So she came to Kaplan University because she wanted to attend an accredited online college.

It took Kelly just over 2 years to earn her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.

“I learned so much at Kaplan University,” she said. “I learned how to think more analytically. I became a better writer. I was able to develop opinion-based papers using critical problem-solving skills, and I put a lot of thought into issues that I never really devoted any time to. It was really eye opening! I use these skills in my job today.”

Kelly found that the Leadership and Administration as well as the Building Teamwork elective courses she took really helped her learn how to work with parents, something to which she had never really given much thought. “I had no problem working with the children, but as an administrator, I deal with the parents and caregivers of over 200 students now,” said Kelly. “I learned how to get the parents to listen to me, how to command their respect. . . . It is a very important aspect to my job, working well with the parents.”

The parents and children attending her center are low-income and/or at-risk youth. More than half of the students and their parents speak a language other than English. Kelly’s center is privately funded through the community and scholarships.

“Most of our children come from low or extreme poverty,” Kelly said. “I had to learn to become more politically aware, to learn about state and federal education issues that I didn’t pay attention to before. Thanks to all that I learned at Kaplan University, I am so engaged now on the policy and advocacy side. I feel that I am really helping these families in need.”

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