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CPS - Catie Behling
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Kaplan University College of Public Service Graduate Catie Behling Knows Firsthand How Her Actions Make a Difference

Catie Behling is one of the many faces of public service graduates featured in Kaplan University’s College of Public Service videos who answered her calling and became part of the social network of good. The social network of good is comprised of people who have taken action to help influence the lives of people or their communities in a positive way.

Graduating from Kaplan University’s Master of Science in Psychology program helped open the door for Catie to take her board certification exam which helped change her career completely. She was able to sit for her Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA) exam. After passing the BCBA exam, she was eligible to become a supervisor and now supervises other therapists.*† 

Catie feels that Kaplan University prepared her well for working with families. As a behavior analyst, Catie works with families and children, helping them meet their needs and bringing a voice to children unable to speak or communicate. She observes the difference she’s making in the lives of children who have trouble with simple tasks such by teaching them how to tie their own shoe or brush their teeth. 

Before enrolling in Kaplan University, Catie was not fulfilled with the job she had. She had discovered the world of behavior analysts and decided to enroll at Kaplan University to become one. “I chose Kaplan University because it made sense for my lifestyle,” she says. “I worked 50 plus hours per week and was still able to complete my graduate degree because of the flexibility of their program.” 

Catie also acknowledges the faculty’s real world experience. “The faculty was very helpful. Many of them were professionals before becoming professors in the field,” she says. “Their expertise and knowledge was very valuable to us as students.” If you would like to learn more about Catie Behling and how she expanded her circle of influence by earning her master’s degree in psychology, click the above image to view her story.

This testimonial was solicited by Kaplan University. Views and opinions stated herein are the individual’s and not necessarily those of Kaplan University. Individual student experiences may vary.

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