First Annual Student Research Symposium

Kaplan University hosted an online, all-university student research symposium on November 17, 2015, with nearly 100 faculty, staff, students, and alumni participating in each of two concurrent sessions.

Students submitted a total of 40 pieces of original research, 16 of which were chosen for presentation.

The symposium was initiated by Dr. Kristina Setzekorn, Academic Chair of the Graduate Information Technology Department in collaboration with the Student Life, Career Services, and Academic Center Departments and with the indispensable help of faculty members Kate Scarpena, Humanities Department Assistant Chair; Teresa Kelly, Composition Department; and Tamara Fudge, Information Technology Department.

“This online event is a great way to showcase our talented students, the engaged faculty mentoring them, and services available to support them,” said Dr. Setzekorn.

Fifty-five faculty members from throughout Kaplan University proposed, and volunteered to chair, 30 research tracks. A wide variety of submissions were considered, and the following topics were presented during the day-long symposium (click here to view them):

  • Vegetable Gardening to Prevent Obesity in the Elderly, by Donna Moncho
  • Transportation Options for the Future: Green Streets and Beyond, by Amy Smith
  • What Factors Have Contributed to the Increase in Heroin Related Deaths Over the Past Decade? by Paula J. Lovell, Randi Manderson, Danelle J. Hollenbeck, and Marilyn Selfridge
  • The Applied Research Plan - Absenteeism in Corrections: An Organizational Dilemma, by Edward Lechliter
  • Building 21st Century Entrepreneurial Professional Competencies through Virtual Experiential Learning, by Amy Walk, Nikki Verdier, and Tammy Alam
  • Digital Detoxing: Children & Screen Time, by Lauren Kilbourn
  • What New Aspects are Created by Having a Multigenerational Workforce for Human Resource Professionals to Consider, by Ashley Payne
  • Experiential Learning for Entrepreneurial Success in the 21st Century, by Margaret Pugh and Jessica Zeba-Snow
  • Minor Sex Trafficking: Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, by Tanaia Reid
  • Eutopia Teen Resort, by Richard Henry
  • You Hold the Chips in a Global Language Shift: A Proactive Communication Plan, by Lori George
  • Terror at Work: The Effects of Workplace Bullying, by Ashly Murray
  • Simulation in Nursing Education: Benefits, Shortcomings, and Implementation Strategies, by Jacqueline Christianson
  • Breaking Free from Heroin Without Methadone , by Sheila Harrington
  • The Use of Applied Behavioral Analysis in Veterans with PTSD and TBI, by Teresa Heier
  • Economics in the Real World: Managing and Leadership in the 21st Century, by Melissa Hernandez and Reginald Robinson

Plans for the next symposium are already in the works and tentatively scheduled for September 13, 2016.

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