Student Spotlight: Lori Martin

Student Spotlight: Lori Martin

Omaha - Lori Martin

Here at the Kaplan University, Omaha campus, we take pride in the education that we provide our students. Not only that but we take pride in the fact that upon graduation, our students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue their career goals. 

As part of our efforts to recognize the professional strides our grads are making, our Student Spotlight will feature one graduate who has successfully transitioned from student to employee!

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Graduate Profile

Program: Information Technology

Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology; Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology

Current Employer: XO Group

Job Title: Technical Product Manager

One piece of advice Lori would like to give current students: “Stay organized. When I started out at Kaplan [University] I was working a full-time job, I had 2 children to take care of, I was helping my husband with his small business, and I was customizing software for other small businesses. If I had not stayed organized I would not have done as well in my classes as I did. I created a spreadsheet where I tracked each week of work, including papers, assignments, discussion board posts and class attendance. As I finished each item, I dated the spreadsheet to assure that I didn’t miss anything and that it was completed on time. This method has served me well in my new career, organization is key to my current role as I have several projects I am working on at the same time."

How Kaplan University helped Lori develop as a professional: “My education at Kaplan [University] gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed to [advance my] career path. I have had the opportunity to travel and learn hands on the ins and outs of the technology industry.”

This testimonial was solicited by Kaplan University. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individual; student experiences may vary. Kaplan University's programs are not endorsed by XO Group.

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