Michele McQueen

Associate of Applied Science in Medical Office Management, 2015

Michele McQueen

At 50 years old, Michele McQueen was tired of going from job to job. She wanted a stable career—something she would be passionate about.

Michele graduated high school in 1980 and had her daughter 2 years later. “Life just kind of stepped in,” she admits. “I had to take care of her. She now has two degrees, and she says, ‘Mom, okay, what are you going to do with your life?’”

After that conversation, Michele thought, “I knew I wanted to have a career, something that I would enjoy for life. Not something that I just had to do to survive. Now, Kaplan has brought that all together for me.”

She enrolled with Kaplan University in 2012.

“Essentially, Kaplan {University] chose me. They worked with me for financial purposes, and then they told me to apply for the scholarship, and why I would best benefit from that scholarship. I won the scholarship, they accepted me, and I have a degree today because of Kaplan [University].”

Michele was impressed with all the support she received from Kaplan University, especially from her Career Specialist, Raylene.

“I love my Career Specialist. Raylene and I always have constant contact. We still try to stay in touch with each other. Raylene has been such a great help to me. She's been my backbone the whole way through. She checks on me. She emails me. She was sending me jobs that were available and where to apply. She's been awesome.”

Michele graduated from Kaplan University in September 2015 with an associate’s degree in medical office management.

Michele’s degree helped her advance in her career. She is now an office manager.  

“My career is all because of going to Kaplan [University]. Kaplan [University] has been the stepping stone all the way through to my career. It's been an awesome journey.”

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