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See You at Graduation

By Julie Dort, SBT Department Chair

 "Developing the skills to be a successful college student is essential for a rewarding college experience. Those same skills will also help you to succeed in your career." Timothy Scholl, Academic Dean

 A student's academic readiness impacts his or her college success but college success is not limited to subject matter knowledge. Achievement is also about the development of life skills such as the knowledge of requirements, policies, and procedures, and seeking out available resources. Kaplan University Orientation (KU 160) prepares our students in both aspects.

 The course mimics our Learning Management System (LMS), allowing the adult learner to discover a set of tools and resources prior to engaging in graded coursework. These include:

  • Classroom navigation
  • Posting to a discussion board
  • Reviewing assignment requirements
  • Dropboxing an assignment
  • Taking an exam
  • Accessing and attending a seminar
  • Using the Kaplan Library
  • eBook ease and accessibility
  • The importance of reviewing the syllabus
  • Understanding the gradebook
  • Time management
  • Academic services
  • Support services 

 The Kaplan University Orientation course was carefully designed to meet the anticipated needs of Team Nebraska's incoming students. This is based on many years of educational experience and of course, student feedback. The course contains several hands-on activities, videos, and documents that allow a future student to become familiar with our LMS and the resources Kaplan University provides for them. Regardless of whether you are new or experienced in online learning, the course provides each student with a wealth of information to help them fulfill their academic dreams.

 Exploring a breadth of areas from academics to time management, the course leaves individuals with a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to succeed. The "flipped" learning process allows students to focus on the curriculum rather than navigating the LMS or other resources.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not represent the view of Kaplan University. 

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