Kaplan University ACM-W


Kaplan University Becomes First Online School
Inducted as a Charter Member of the Women’s Association of Computing Machinery

Find out how the University qualified for this recognition and what
it means for students in the School of
Business and Information Technology.

Kaplan University recently became the first online school inducted as a charter member of the Women’s Association of Computing Machinery, also known as the ACM-W. The ACM-W, like its affiliate organization the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), is dedicated to education and scientific computing. As expressed in its official mission statement:

ACM-W supports, celebrates, and advocates internationally for the full engagement of women
in all aspects of the computing field, providing a wide range of programs and services to ACM members and working in the larger community to advance the contributions of technical women.

Qualifying for the ACM-W is not an easy process, making the charter-member designation a particularly prestigious designation for Kaplan University’s School of Information Technology (IT). Professors Glen Jenewein, PhD and Carol Edwards-Walcott led the four-step application effort, which required proof of active membership in the ACM from students and faculty alike.

The Kaplan University ACM-W (KUACM-W) chapter was formed in 2012 and immediately initiated a successful recruitment drive. Students worked diligently to ensure that the club was successfully launched, gathering the required member and officer attendance at its weekly meetings to be recognized as an ACM-W charter that same year. Elected KUACM-W student leaders include:

Sabrina Leslie, President
Chuck Ferguson, Vice President
Shaena Beardsley, Treasurer/Secretary
Johnny Farar, Alumni Chair

ACM-W designation brings numerous benefits to Kaplan University faculty and students. As Professor Edwards-Walcott explains,

“ACM is open to all faculty members in the computing field. All members are recognized, supported, and encouraged to contribute to the field of IT. National and international conferences and specialized webinars are open to ACM members. There are ACM blogs, computing news, a learning center, digital library, publications, educational activities, technology packs, and awards.”

The ACM website for faculty is http://www.acm.org.

As for Kaplan University students, some benefits of becoming a part of ACM include national technical conferences, specialized webinars, opportunities for leadership and personal development, learning center, career and job center, educational activities, a digital library, computing news, and an ACM blog. Students can also apply for ACM-W scholarships to attend computing-related research conferences.

How can Kaplan University students participate in KUACM or KUACM-W? Undergraduate or graduate IT students who wish to participate in KUACM or KUACM-W should email studentlife@kaplan.edu to request an application. After completing and returning the application, students will be asked to pay a small lifetime membership fee. Members meet on a weekly basis to plan events and discuss other educational opportunities.

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