Frederick Ohlinger

Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, 2016


Frederick Ohlinger lives in Henryville, Pennsylvania, and works as an emergency room technician at a local hospital.

According to Frederick, “Trauma techs assist nurses in taking care of the patients. We'll do the EKGs. We'll draw the lab work. We'll do splinting. We'll transport patients. We will do crutch instructions. Basically anything that is delegated to us within our scope of practice.”

Frederick enjoys his job but after many years in his role, he wanted to move into an administrative role within the hospital. To accomplish that goal, he felt he needed to build up his administrative skills to complement his years of clinical experience. His next step was to return to school and earn a college degree.

Working full time, a traditional brick and mortar university would not work.

“I was looking for someplace to continue my education, and I was talking to one of our hospital supervisors who happened to be earning her master's in nursing through Kaplan University, and she gave me the phone number and the website.”

After some additional research, Frederick contacted Kaplan University.

“I made a phone call. Spoke with one of the advisors. Within 35 minutes I was signed up. I had my courses. I soon started my classes, and felt everything just fell right into place just like it's supposed to. No gimmicks—this is what you need to have, and this is when you start your classes. If you have any problems, you call me or you email me. Done deal.”

Frederick enrolled in Kaplan University in January 2013. He graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in health care administration.

“My next step is to transition through to administration, which can be a little difficult considering all of the years that I have with clinical background. It can be a little tough sometimes to find somebody willing to open the door and mentor you through that doorway. It's a challenge, but persistence will get me there.”

A member of the Kaplan University alumni association, Frederick understands firsthand the importance of mentor support. While pursuing his degree at the University, he was a volunteer mentor to undergraduate students in the health care administration field.

Frederick feels he had a great experience at Kaplan University and is now pursuing master’s degree in health care administration at the University.

“If you're looking for a good online education with good academic instructors that are willing to work with you, and willing to stay in touch with you and help you through your difficulties, Kaplan University's the place to go.”

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