Financial Wellness

What is Financial Wellness?

Financial wellness is the healthy balance between having enough money to enjoy a good life today, and managing your finances to enjoy a better life tomorrow. Financial wellness is not necessarily about becoming wealthy—it’s about taking control of your earnings, your spending and saving habits, and your investments.

“I have worked in the banking field for the last 19 years, and have seen a tremendous decline in basic finance skills. Professor Taylor's 4-part series is a great place to start learning and applying these skills. I highly recommend setting aside a couple of hours to listen to this information.”

Tamiann Parrott, BS in Business Administration

Learn More About the Importance of Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Successfully Managing and Investing Your Money

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About the Host: Jerry L. Taylor

Jerry L. Taylor is an accomplished expert in the world of finance. He has been a chief financial officer, president of a captive finance company, director of finance, assistant treasurer, director of international treasury, planning manager, and merger and acquisition manager. Teaching has always been his primary avocation. Since 1981, Mr. Taylor has taught various business courses at City University of New York, Memphis University, the Hartford Graduate Center, University of Phoenix, and the Florida Institute of Technology

Professor Taylor hosts Kaplan Radio “Friday Focus” Program, a  4-part lecture series that feature variety of topics and themes related to financial wellness, including the importance of understanding personal finance, analyzing and monitoring everyday spending and patterns, and the ins and outs of personal savings.

Podcast 1: How to Keep Track of Every Penny You Earn and Spend

Learn why it’s important to record and monitor every penny you spend in a daily “personal balance sheet” journal. The less money you have, the more you need to manage it wisely.

To download a PDF transcript, click here.

Podcast 2: Why You Should Only Use Credit for “The Big Stuff”

Be careful what you buy on credit! You could spend years paying for things you used up and forgot about long ago. Learn why you should only use credit for purchases that have lasting value.

To download a PDF transcript, click here.

Podcast 3: Start “Paying” Yourself by Opening a Savings Account

Living paycheck to paycheck? You can still save. Don’t be afraid to begin. Even if your income is low, you can find room to put something away. See why saving is like “paying” yourself!

To download a PDF transcript, click here.

Podcast 4: How to Lose Your Fear of Investing in Stocks

Some people believe that investing in stocks is like gambling. That’s not accurate! Stock ownership can increase the long-term rate of interest on your savings, and it can also keep you from spending.

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