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Military Programs on Base

Kaplan University is proud to support all those assigned to Fort Bliss. If you are a military member, DoD employed civilian, or military family member, we invite you to explore Kaplan University’s online programs or visit us in the Education Center.

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The Kaplan University Military Student Support Desk
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Fort Bliss Education Center: 915.744.5070
Kaplan University Military Student Support Center: 866.583.4412 (Toll Free)

Program Options

In addition to the over 180 programs at Kaplan University, we offer special military programs for those stationed on Fort Bliss:

On-Base Hybrid Programs

As many of the required program outcomes may be covered within military training, Kaplan University can award credit for various Military Occupational Specialties (MOS), reducing the time needed to complete an associate’s degree. Currently on Fort Bliss, two programs are delivered through a combination of weekly on-base sessions and online instruction:

  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
  • Associate of Science in Health Science

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice—For Those in the 31B MOS

If you are a 31B, you may be eligible to complete the Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice in five courses: four courses through the hybrid model and one online class.* The four hybrid courses include a weekly face-to-face seminar during lunch hour. Other elements of the hybrid courses are completed online, including discussion boards and weekly assignments. The fifth course is taught entirely online.

By taking two courses for the first two terms and one course the final term, this program can be completed in three terms (approximately eight months). Following completion of the associate's degree, graduates have the option to pursue Kaplan University's Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice online.  

Program Overview

The Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice program is designed to provide a fundamental education relevant to fields such as law enforcement, corrections, and private investigation.

The program’s courses are taught by professionals with real-world experience, and the curriculum covers topics such as criminology, criminal investigation, criminal law, domestic and international terrorism, and countering terrorism. Interactive technology allows students to collaborate with and receive support from classmates and instructors. To learn more about this program, click here.

Associate of Science in Health Science

Those serving as a 68W can complete their associate’s degree in just five courses.* The first four courses are offered through the hybrid model, with a weekly face-to-face seminar occurring during lunch hour. The remaining hybrid course elements are completed online. The final course will be completed entirely online.

Once this program is complete, graduates have the option of enrolling in one of Kaplan University’s health sciences bachelor’s degree programs. Credit may also be awarded toward the bachelor’s degree program depending on skill level and MOS. Click here to learn more about health sciences bachelor’s degree completion options.

Program Overview

Kaplan University’s Associate of Science in Health Science program provides a broad education and allows students to select coursework in health science subjects including anatomy and physiology, chemistry, nutrition, pathophysiology, clinical skills, health education, and health informatics. The program includes a capstone experience designed to prepare students for work in various health science fields within the military and could help students meet educational requirements for advancement.

To learn more about this program, click here.

Family Scholarship

The American Freedom Foundation, Kaplan University Family Scholarship Program

Designed to support military families, this scholarship helps spouses and children of current or prior military members save 47% off Kaplan University’s regular per-credit tuition rate. Click here for more details and requirements.

Applicants must be a current or surviving spouse or a dependent child of a current or veteran U.S. military servicemember and have a 2.75 grade point average (GPA) in their most recent program of study (high school or college).

Learning Online at Kaplan University

For prospective students at Fort Bliss, we will evaluate your military transcript and determine if credit can be transferred from other college studies or awarded based on your military training. Click here to review the various military occupations and how they can apply to specific degree programs. You may also review all Kaplan University degree offerings here.

Key Information for Fort Bliss Students

  • Undergraduate tuition is reduced 55% per credit for servicemembers, including Guard and Reserve, at a rate of $165 per quarter credit.§
  • Technology fees are waived for military members.
  • Undergraduate terms are 10 weeks, with multiple start dates.
  • Kaplan University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

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*Based on a member of the military who transfers in 65 quarter credit hours (the maximum amount of credit). Coursework reduction reflects an educational mapping based on the completion of the standard courses required for rank advancement as well as credit for occupation duties. Credit awards have service-level requirements. Exact transfer amount may vary depending on completed military courses and occupations as listed on your official Joint Service Transcript(s). State-specific requirements, as listed in, may apply. All credits must be validated on official transcript(s) to be eligible for transfer.

Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Local, state, and federal law enforcement jobs may require additional training or education including additional state-approved higher education beyond Kaplan University's degree. You should fully research the requirements of any such position you intend to seek prior to enrolling in your program. Graduates of Kaplan University criminal justice programs are not eligible to attend police academies in Minnesota.

Kaplan University does not guarantee the transferability of credit from any of these sources. See the University Catalog for the Prior Learning Assessment policy.

§Per-credit tuition reductions are based on the standard undergraduate tuition rate of $371.00 multiplied by the number of credits required to complete the degree.