Health Sciences Bachelor's Degree Completion Programs

Just as your military training was able to significantly reduce the courses needed for your Associate of Science in Health Science, it can also shorten your path to a health sciences bachelor’s degree. If you have completed your Associate of Science in Health Science at Kaplan University, are a 68 MOS, and have a skill level of 10 or higher, you may be able to achieve your bachelor’s degree with as few as 10 additional courses. This represents a 32% reduction in the number of courses you will need to complete the program.

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Health Sciences Degree Programs

The table below outlines the degree options and possible credit awards for skill level 30 or higher:*

Degree Program Overview Credits Remaining Courses Remaining
 Bachelor of Science in Health Science Designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills in the broad areas of health science and health care. Students have the opportunity to apply principles of healthy living to the education of individuals and communities.  61—
a 32% reduction
Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration Focusing on the field of health care management and administration, students have the opportunity to develop administrative, ethical, and professional skills.  73—
a 19% reduction
Bachelor Science in Health and Wellness Helps graduates broaden their knowledge and skills with a mind-body-spirit approach to health and wellness and is designed to prepare students to pursue a career to help people lead healthier lives.  61—
a 32% reduction
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science Designed to focus on the skills to apply principles of healthy living to educate individuals and communities. Through the completion of an original, comprehensive capstone project, students have the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios.  73—
a 19% reduction 


What if I Already Have an Associate’s Degree From Another Institution?

If you have completed your associate's degree at another school and would like to pursue a bachelor's degree program, you may still be eligible for credit based on your military transcript. Please speak to an advisor for additional information.

What if I Don't Have an Associate's Degree?

While you can enter the bachelor's degree program directly, we recommend you determine if credit has been evaluated for your military occupation for the associate's degree. You can then pursue the bachelor's degree program upon completion of that degree. Speak with an advisor for additional information.

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*Coursework reduction reflects an educational mapping based on the completion of the standard courses required for rank advancement as well as credit for occupation duties. Credit awards have service-level requirements. Exact transfer amount may vary. State-specific requirements, as listed in, may apply. All credits must be validated on official transcript(s) to be eligible to transfer.

Kaplan University does not guarantee the transferability of credit from any of these sources. See the University Catalog for our Transfer of Credit and Prior Learning Assessment policies.