Jennifer Pedersen

Jennifer Pedersen worked as an adjunct faculty member at Kaplan University for 7 years prior to accepting the position of assistant department chair for the graduate psychology department. She is an educational psychologist with extensive teaching and curriculum design experience serving in a variety of capacities, including faculty trainer, mentor, committee chairperson, and lead instructor. Jennifer lived in Japan for 2 years where she served as an English tutor and subject-matter expert for Japanese university students majoring in psychology. She is an MBTI practitioner and works as a consultant for both corporate and military organizations. She is a proud military spouse with a passion for helping other military spouses. Both her thesis and dissertation focused on providing improved social support for military spouses and her work was used as a catalyst for change across the Air Combat Command in the United States Air Force. Her research interests include effective teaching practices, resiliency and social support within military communities, and bullying prevention. She is a member of the American Psychological Association (General Psychology, Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Society for Consulting Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Society for Military Psychology), Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges, and Missouri Community College Association.

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