AS - Rick Scherry

Albert (Rick) Scherry

Albert (Rick) Scherry joined the military at age 18 and then earned bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice and psychology from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF). Both during and after his years at UAF, he has been a social worker, deputy clerk, child custody investigator, adult and juvenile probation officer, drug and alcohol counselor, in-home counselor, and therapist. He has also worked in unrelated professions such as fuel truck driver and investment broker (though he would argue that working in those professions taught him as much about psychology as any formal training ever has). While working as a supervisor of in-home therapeutic services in Portland, Oregon, Rick finished his master’s degree in counseling psychology from Capella University.

Rick currently lives in Vancouver, Washington, and is going to school full time in pursuit of a PhD (ABD) in general psychology as well as a master’s degree in criminal justice. Following the completion of those advanced degrees, he hopes to continue teaching at the college/university level, something he has very much enjoyed doing for the last 3 1/2 years right here at Kaplan University. Rick truly enjoys discussing the similar and often related worlds of clinical and abnormal psychology (with anyone who is bored enough to listen, that is) because of the different paths that can be taken within those aspects of psychology—paths that can ultimately lead both the person in need of assistance and the professional toward many different twists and turns, as helping others with valid and complicated pathological issues is one of the greatest challenges faced by those working in psychology. Rick has worked in many different areas and helped many different populations in need; he is excited to continue sharing this knowledge and experience in the world of psychology with students eager to learn.

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