Social and Behavioral Sciences Programs

If you have a desire and passion to help your fellow citizens, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is a great place to start your training. Programs are designed for people with a passion for driving change and a desire to make a difference in the lives of children, individuals with special needs, and their communities.

Watch videos from our social and behavioral sciences faculty, alumni, and students.

Empower People and Drive Change

Our social and behavioral sciences programs include a variety of graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs in psychology, autism, human services, and early childhood administration. We also offer undergraduate degree programs in communication and liberal studies. Earning a degree in social and behavioral sciences could equip you with general knowledge, analytical and critical-thinking skills, and intellectual capacities applicable to a variety of career paths.*

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences connects you with an enthusiastic community of students and faculty from across the country. Through interactive webinars, informative speaker series, and a number of social media sites and clubs, you'll have a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow. Our courses focus on building foundational and industry-specific knowledge, as well as skills to foster sound decision-making and leadership abilities.*

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Program availability varies by location and delivery method. Onsite course scheduling decisions are at the discretion of the campus and some courses are only available online.

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How Do I Get Started?

We offer multiple start dates to give you flexibility in your education, life, and work schedules.



Online Start Date

December 07, 2016



Online and Campus Start Date

August 02, 2017



Online Start Date

September 20, 2017



Online and Campus Start Date

October 18, 2017



Online and Campus Start Date

November 08, 2017



Online Start Date

December 06, 2017

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* Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Although certain programs at Kaplan University are designed to prepare students to take various certification or licensing exams, the University cannot guarantee the student will pass those exams. In some cases, field experience, additional coursework, and/or background checks may be necessary to take or to successfully pass the exams. Students should research the requirements in the state in which they intend to seek employment.