Renee Shell

Renee Shell

Dr. Shell is a full-time adjunct professor with Kaplan School of Nursing and teaches pediatric courses in the online Nurse Practitioner Program. She received her MSN and EdD from East Tennessee State University.

Dr. Shell has over 15 years of experience teaching graduate nursing students and has 22 years of practice experience as a family nurse practitioner. Her clinical practice background is broad. She has practiced in a variety of health care settings including urgent care clinics, internal medicine, various psychiatric settings, nursing homes, student health clinics, in-patient hospitals, and primary care clinics.

Dr. Shell has conducted research in barriers to cancer screening, nurse practitioner prescribing practices, and the teaching of critical thinking by college instructors. She has been published in areas of nursing education, nurse practitioner practice, and cancer screening behaviors in rural populations. Additionally, she has served as an expert witness in over a dozen medical legal cases.

Dr. Shell is also currently employed as a part time family nurse practitioner in a crisis stabilization unit where she provides both medical and mental health services to a diverse client population.

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