ExcelTrackTM Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN)

Health care is changing as fast as technology. Nurses are assuming greater responsibilities and expanding their career possibilities within the nursing field. Kaplan University’s ExcelTrack™ competency-based RN-to-BSN degree offers registered nurses an accelerated path to earn a BSN credential and prepare for new opportunities in specialized nursing or nursing management.*

The ExcelTrack™ RN-to-BSN online nursing degree offers a personalized, competency-based program that allows you to move quickly past what you already know and focus on the topics you still need to learn. You’ll get the flexibility and manageable pace you need to earn an accredited bachelor’s degree in nursing—in less time, for less money. Learn more about our competency-based education programs.

At this time, residents of Tennessee may not enroll in the online Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

ExcelTrack Competency-Based RN-to-BSN Degree Program Highlights

The ExcelTrack™ Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN) program helps you further your knowledge and skills, so you can offer your patients better care and advance your nursing career goals.  

  • Focus on building leadership skills with courses in management, research, health assessment, community nursing, and much more.
  • Study health promotion, health care information, health care management, community health, professional ethics, and diversity.
  • Develop a portfolio of your professional and practical competencies.
  • Create a comprehensive development plan, including career planning.
  • Be taught and advised by faculty who are active nursing professionals.

With our accelerated bachelor's in nursing program, your personal course of study will be customized based on prior learning credits, course load, and course prerequisites.

Competency-Based Learning

Accelerate Your Path to a BSN Degree

ExcelTrack™ gives you more control, more flexibility, and more opportunities to leverage your knowledge and experience to earn your accelerated RN-to-BSN degree. Gain the specific skills you need to earn your nursing degree, while you save time and money along the way.

Take Control of Your Nursing Education

If you’re a motivated student who wants to determine your schedule and learning style, ExcelTrack™ is designed for you. You’ll experience the same academic rigor as our traditional online RN-to-BSN degree program, but your coursework is faster and more focused. You set your learning pace, deadlines, number of courses you take at a time, and the resources that help you learn best.  

Take Smaller, Single-Credit Courses

Unlike the five- and six-credit courses you find in our traditional online and campus-based programs, ExcelTrack™ is made up of single-credit courses aligned to a specific competency or skill. Take as many courses as you want during each 10-week term for a flat tuition rate of $2,200 per term (excluding fees).

Leverage Topics You Know

At the beginning of each ExcelTrack™ course, you complete a readiness assessment to find out what you already know. If you’ve mastered a subject through prior studies or work experience, you can move quickly past it and concentrate on the skills you need to learn.

Advance at Your Own Pace

The ExcelTrack™ RN-to-BSN program lets you speed up or slow down as much as you want, based on your schedule and learning style. Complete your course quicker than expected and you can enroll in additional courses for the same term—at no additional cost.  

Faculty are Available, When You Need Them

Each ExcelTrack™ course is assigned to a faculty member who is fully credentialed in the subject areas they teach. They’ll work directly with you to be sure you’ve learned the material and are prepared to sit for the final assessment and demonstrate your abilities in the subject.

Earn Your Nursing Degree on Your Own Terms

With the ExcelTrack™ personalized learning model, you can work independently or rely on a variety of no-cost online support tools and services, including video chats, discussion boards, interactive tutoring, and more.

Reach Your Goals

When you’re ready to move on, you take a final assessment that proves you meet the course requirements. You must earn a “B” or higher to pass.

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CCNE Accreditation

The baccalaureate degree in nursing at Kaplan University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (www.aacn.nche.edu/ccne-accreditation).

Higher Education at the Highest Standards

Kaplan University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and committed to the highest standards. Our specific programs hold additional industry-relevant approvals and accreditations.

Two Nurses Looking at a Document

What are the Career Opportunities?

BSN-prepared nurses may be in position to pursue a broader range of advanced opportunities than their colleagues with an associate’s degree or diploma in nursing. Kaplan University’s ExcelTrack™ RN-to-BSN online degree program is designed to prepare you to take advantage of advancement opportunities in your career or pursue graduate studies in nursing.

How Can Earning a BSN Benefit Nurses?

An ExcelTrack™ BSN-prepared nurse can provide direct and indirect care. Typical nursing roles may include:

  • Community education and public health
  • Case management
  • Nursing management and leadership
  • Analysis of health policy
  • Implementation of evidence-based practice
  • Patient education
  • Nonhospital employment opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses with a BSN degree or higher may have expanded job options, such as§:

  • Administrative roles
  • Consulting positions

How Do I Get Started?

Kaplan University offers multiple start dates, giving you greater flexibility with your education, life, and work schedules.



Online and Campus Start Date

January 31, 2018



Online and Campus Start Date

April 18, 2018



Online and Campus Start Date

July 05, 2018



Online and Campus Start Date

September 19, 2018



Online and Campus Start Date

December 05, 2018


The ExcelTrack™ RN-to-BSN nursing degree consists of 64 single-credit courses as well as a 6-credit capstone course and elective courses.#

You may also be required to complete prerequisite courses if they were not taken as part of your prior nursing degree.

Courses include:

  • Professional Leadership Transitions
  • Research-Guided Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
  • Health Assessment for the Nursing Professional
  • Chronicity With Nursing Care Across the Life Span
  • Leadership and Management in the Changing Health Care Environment
  • Public Health Nursing―Population-Centered Health Care in the Community
  • Bachelor’s Capstone in Nursing

Program Tracks

The RN-to-BSN program option features two tracks of study. Your track of study is determined using your original transcripts from your previously completed nursing program.

Advanced start track: 50 transfer credits from prior degree/diploma
Standard track: 90 transfer credits from prior degree/diploma

Curriculum: Concentration

Can I Afford This?

Here are some of the ways we can help lower the cost of your tuition and help you graduate sooner.

Can I Afford This?

Kaplan University is committed to helping you find more ways to save on college tuition. Our Tuition Cap, military reductions, and transfer and experiential learning credits are some of the ways we can help lower the cost of your tuition and help you graduate sooner.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Rates

Select Your Options

Desired Track
Enrollment Location:
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Unlimited Courses for a Flat Rate

$2,200.00 cost per term
90-130 number of credits

Tuition does not include University fees and associated program fees. View tuition and fee information or contact an Admissions Advisor for more information.

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*Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement.

While many of Kaplan University's degree programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue continued graduate- or doctorate-level education, the University cannot guarantee that students will be granted admission to any graduate or doctoral programs.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Registered Nurses, on the Internet www.bls.gov/ooh/Healthcare/Registered-nurses.htm. National long-term projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth.

§ExcelTrack program includes a 6-credit capstone course and 5-credit nursing electives. Required prerequisite courses may only be available in the standard 5-credit format.