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Discover the features and facilities of our South Portland, Maine campus and how we are here to support your educational goals.

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Practical Facilities at our South Portland Campus

Kaplan University facilities provide an effective learning environment. Our 11 technology-enhanced classrooms, 2 computer labs, and program-specific laboratories offer you a hands-on environment for your educational growth.

Student Lounge and Common Areas


The South Portland campus has a student lounge where students can congregate and socialize throughout the day. Vending machines provide options for both food and drink and a small kitchenette is available. The lounge also serves as a small dining area, with tables and a couch.

Computer Rooms

The South Portland campus has two computer labs, each of which can accommodate approximately 25 students. Students are free to use the labs any time the campus is open, as long as they are not being used for classes. In addition, the Academic Success Center has more than a dozen computers for student use. We also have Google Chromebooks available for students to use on campus and check out.

Program Specific Labs

Firearms Training Room

The atmosphere of the room offers a great simulation of actual police interaction with the public, including flashing lights, the sound of firearms, verbal interactions with the public, and the verbal commands from the officer during training. The training room has a ceiling-mounted FATS machine with a 16’ x 8’ screen. There are 2 Glock 17 handgun simulators and 2 OC spray simulators, as well as a portable speaker system, a police rooftop flashers unit, and CO2 tanks for the guns (to provide life-like recoil). The room is capable of training up to 15 people at a time

Medical Facilities

Our medical labs are equipped to give you practical experience in clinical procedures commonly performed in medical offices. Kaplan University's medical assisting program has clinical laboratories, and our simulated patient examining areas include:

  • Examination tables and equipment
  • Phlebotomy drawing stations
  • EKG machines
  • Medical supplies
South Portland Campus Medical Lab
Maine_Medical Lab
South Portland Campus Medical Lab
Maine_Medical Lab_2
Firearms Training
Maine_Firearms Training

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