Alyson Frickel

Alyson Frickel

Alyson Frickel is a full-time professor and the faculty mentor for the Kaplan University, Lincoln campus. She has been with Kaplan University for 5 years, teaching in several different areas of education. Currently, Alyson is the campus course coordinator for the public safety program and represents the Lincoln campus in the design and review of course curriculum.

She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and completed a master’s degree in forensic science with an emphasis on forensic psychology from Nebraska Wesleyan University. Recently, Alyson completed an associate’s degree in nursing from Kaplan University and passed the NCLEX to become a registered nurse. She is currently enrolled in bachelor’s-level nursing classes, working toward a master’s in nursing degree.

Alyson’s work experience includes over 10 years in the criminal justice field, including case management, parole supervision, and district supervisor of the life time sex offender program in the state of Nebraska.

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