Frequently Asked Questions—Maine Graduation

See below for frequently asked questions about the Maine graduation ceremony.

General Questions

See below for frequently asked questions about the graduation ceremony.

  • When is graduation?

    Kaplan University holds graduation ceremonies throughout the year at various locations that online and campus students can attend. Please register for the upcoming ceremony here: 

    Dates are posted as soon as they are scheduled. Kaplan University Maine hosts one ceremony a year in June. This year it will be held on June 10, 2017.

  • Am I required to attend graduation?

    No, the ceremonies are celebratory events and graduates are not required to attend.

  • How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the ceremony?

    Candidates may walk in the Maine June graduation ceremony provided they have completed all degree requirements by May 31, 2017. If you are not sure when your degree will be complete, please contact your Academic Advisor to go over your credits and requirements or Associate Academic Dean, Tony Tenneson.

  • Can I attend a ceremony if I have a balance on my student account?

    Yes. Owing a balance only prevents graduates from receiving their diploma, and the actual diplomas are not handed out at the ceremonies.

  • What do I have to do to attend a graduation ceremony?

    Students who want to walk in the Maine Graduation Ceremony in June must complete the following two steps:

    STEP 1: Register to attend the ceremony by completing the Maine Graduation Registration Form location on the Ceremony Info page (/campus-locations/augusta-maine/ of the Maine Graduation Center. Registration forms are due by April 16, 2017 to attend the June ceremony. Forms will not be accepted after the posted deadline.

    STEP 2: Students who were not admitted to Kaplan through the South Portland, Lewiston or Augusta campus should order your cap/gown/tassel by April 16, 2017:

    Registration begins January 23, 2017 and ends April 16, 2017. Once registration begins, the Maine ceremony participation form will be posted on the Ceremony Info page of the Maine Graduation Center and the form will be available January 23, 2017.

  • When should I register for my ceremony?

    Registration begins January 2017 and ends April 16, 2017. Once registration begins, the Maine ceremony registration form is posted on the Sign up page (/campus-locations/augusta-maine/ of the Maine Graduation Center.

  • How many guests may I bring to the graduation ceremony?

    Guest seating limits vary with each ceremony as they are based on the auditorium’s seating capacity as well as the number of graduates expected to attend. Please see the Ceremony Info page for the upcoming ceremony’s guest seating information.

    Graduation Reservations: Ceremony reservations are *not* physical tickets. To ensure that the university is in compliance with Merrill Auditorium’s fire code capacity, we will be accepting electronic reservation requests to keep a total record of guests attending graduation. Children 3 and under are expected to sit in the lap of an adult and will not require a reservation. Graduating students will not need a separate reservation. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the capacity limits in the auditorium and fire-code regulations, please be aware that we are required to limit the total number of reservations.

  • Can I attend a ceremony at a later date?

    Graduates may attend any ceremony that falls after their degree completion date. Please visit the Campus Ceremonies page frequently for updated ceremony dates and information.

  • Can I attend the ceremony if I’ve earned a certificate?

    Yes, graduates earning certificates may attend the ceremony, provided that eligibility guidelines have been met.

  • When and where do I need to check in for graduation? What time do I need to arrive at the ceremony?

    The graduation check-in area for the Maine Ceremony is located in the rehearsal hall of Merrill Auditorium. The schedule for graduate check in for each ceremony is listed below:

    Saturday, June 10, 2017

    Maine Ceremony Schedule 
    9:45 am—Graduate Check-in for the Morning Ceremony, Rehearsal Hall  
    10:00 am—Auditorium doors open for the guest seating  
    11:00 am–1:00 pm—Graduation Ceremony

  • What time will the auditorium doors open for guest seating?

    The auditorium doors will open one hour prior to the scheduled start time of the ceremony.

  • Are seats assigned?

    Graduates will be seated by degree. Guest seating is open and on a first come first serve basis. Ushers will monitor and ask that seats not be saved.

  • Can I purchase a copy of the ceremony on DVD?

    If you are interested in a copy of the ceremony, please contact Mimi Gough for further information.

  • Will there be a photographer at the ceremony?

    Yes, a professional photographer will be onsite taking photographs of graduates before and during graduation of each individual graduate receiving their diploma cover onstage with the Maine President.

  • How do I purchase professional graduation photos?

    The website and password will be posted on the graduation program and photos should be available a few days after the ceremony. Photos may be purchased on the website using the following information up to 30 days after the graduation.

Caps and Gowns

See below for frequently asked questions about the ordering your cap and gown.

  • Where do I order my cap and gown and can I order a set if I am not planning to attend graduation?

    Students who were admitted to Kaplan University through the South Portland, Lewiston, or Augusta campuses will order through the registration form. All other graduates are responsible for purchasing their caps and gowns. You do not have to attend a ceremony to order regalia. Those attending should order their set no later than April 16, 2017, to ensure it arrives in time. All caps and gowns are black, and tassels are color coded by degree. No orders will be taken by the vendor after the April 16 deadline.

  • Can I purchase or exchange my cap and gown at the ceremony venue?

    Kaplan University does not sell caps and gowns. As a courtesy, a small inventory of caps, gowns, and tassels will be available onsite for exchange purposes, however, there is no guarantee that your size or tassel color will be available. We recommend ordering your cap and gown no later than April 16, 2017 to ensure you have them in time.

  • My degree is not listed on Jostens’ site. How do I ensure I am ordering the correct gown and tassel?

    Degrees are broken down by major/curriculum on the site. Please see the Cap and Gown page for a listing of degrees to determine which major/curriculum to select on your order form.

  • Can I purchase a tassel only?

    Tassels come with the cap and gown set however there is an option to purchase the tassel separately on the site.

  • Do I need a hood?

    Hoods are part of the master's and doctoral-level cap and gown packages and come with the set when ordered. A hood can be ordered separately for those who already have a cap and gown but please make sure your gown is a master's gown.

  • Can I purchase a cap and gown if I’ve missed the order deadline?

    Graduates who miss the ordering deadline will not be able to order through the vendor and should contact Chelsea Tibbetts or Mimi Gough

  • Can I use my cap and gown set from a previous ceremony?

    As long as your cap and gown is black, you may use it again. Please note that certificate-, associate’s-, and bachelor’s-level gowns are the same. Master’s and doctoral-level gowns have different sleeves and come with the required hood.

Diplomas and Transcripts

Question about your transcript? See the FAQs below. 

Academic Honors

See below for frequently asked questions about academic honors.

  • How do I know if I have earned academic honors?

    Effective January 1, 2016, graduates who complete their degree with a current enrollment grade point average (GPAs) of 3.70 or higher will achieve academic honors status. Academic honors statuses will be noted in the Commencement program based on the student’s GPA as of November 8, 2016.

    The academic honors statuses are as follows:

    •  Cumulative GPA of 3.70–3.79—Cum Laude
    •  Cumulative GPA of 3.80–3.99—Magna Cum Laude
    •  Cumulative GPA of 4.0—Summa Cum Laude
  • Will I receive honor cords to wear at the ceremony?

    Graduates who attend the ceremony will receive an academic honor cord during the awards ceremony in May ( If a graduate is unable to attend, they can receive it at check-in at rehearsal hall on the morning of graduation.

  • Will I be recognized for academic honors at the ceremony?

    Graduates who achieved academic honors will be recognized during the ceremony as a group and their honors status will be noted in the ceremony program. Also, individuals with Highest Academic Achievement will be recognized during the ceremony.

  • Can I wear my honor society cords at the ceremony?

    Graduates who are members of an honor society may wear their honor society regalia (cords, stoles, pins, etc.) at the ceremony. Honor society graduates should contact the Office of Student Life at to see how to order regalia as this is not part of the normal ordering process. Graduates must be existing honor society members prior to their final term.


Learn more about travel to and from the ceremony.

  • Does Kaplan University provide hotel or airfare to those attending the ceremony?

    No, graduates are responsible for covering all necessary travel expenses. As a courtesy, Kaplan University, Maine secures a discounted rate for graduates at an area hotel. Please refer to the special code “KAP” to receive the discounted rate. Please see the Graduation Travel page for more details. Graduates are responsible for reserving their own rooms. We recommend booking reservations early to avoid sold out rooms. All rooms will be released by May 9, 2017.

  • Will transportation be provided between the airport and hotel/ceremony venue?

    Graduates and guests will be responsible for securing transportation between the airport, hotel, and venue. The Portland International Jetport (PWM) is approximately 10 minutes from the event venue, depending on traffic conditions at the time.

Purchasing Additional Graduation items

See below for frequently asked questions about how to purchase other items for your graduation.

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