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Are you interested in becoming a student at Kaplan University? We look forward to getting to know you and helping you through the process of applying for admission. Becoming a Kaplan University student is something to get excited about, and our college admissions checklist makes sure you have everything you need to start on the path to your degree.

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Ready to Enroll?

See below for Kaplan University’s four steps to apply for college. We’ll work together throughout the process and make sure you’re prepared for your first day of class. If you’re ready to get started today, begin the online self-enrollment process now.

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Step 1: Speak With an Advisor

The first step in applying for admission to Kaplan University is to complete an information request form and speak to an Admissions Advisor who will explain the process and help you through each step.

  • To start the application process, complete an information request form and provide your contact information. An Admissions Advisor will contact you and assist you with completing your application.
  • View the Online Classroom Experience Demo video. 
  • Schedule a tour of the campus, if you are applying for admission to one of our campus locations.

If you would like to speak with an Admissions Advisor right away, call us at 866.527.5268 (Toll Free).

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Step 2: Interview

The next step in the admissions process is to complete an interview. The interview with your Admissions Advisor is an important opportunity to ask questions, define your educational and professional goals, and explore whether a Kaplan University degree can help. To prepare for your interview:

  • Identify your goals/objectives and how a degree may help you achieve them.
  • Note any questions or concerns.
  • Determine when you would like to start the program.
  • Be prepared to provide an unofficial transcript. This is required for many of our programs and you may need this for the interview.
  • Some graduate students will need to provide a resume prior to the interview.
  • Nursing students may need to provide a copy of their RN license prior to the interview, depending on their program of interest.

Step 3: Enrollment

You're almost there. There are only a few steps remaining to complete the admissions process. Are you excited? If you have any unanswered questions, please speak with your Admissions Advisor. We are here to help make sure that you have everything you need to make a well-informed decision.

  • When you are ready, review and sign your Enrollment Agreement.
  • If you are applying for financial aid, sign your FAFSA with your PIN (make sure you use the correct school code of 004586).
  • Sign your Master Promissory Note, which is provided by the Financial Aid Office.
  • Set up a Registration Call with your Admissions Advisor.
Get started now to be one step closer to graduation.

Step 4: Getting Started

Throughout your time with us, your advisors, faculty, and staff are committed to helping you reach your educational goals, and we look forward to supporting you. Welcome to Kaplan University.

Acceptance to the University

Upon completion of all admissions requirements, the University administration will review the information and inform applicants in writing whether they have been accepted for enrollment. If an applicant is not accepted, he or she will not owe any financial obligation to the University except for the application fee, which is nonrefundable.

The Fine Print

  • Please see the Kaplan University Catalog for additional information on all admissions policies.
  • For additional information on admissions requirements and procedures at Kaplan University, please click here.

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