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    There are still such things as "boys' clubs"and IT jobs are often in that club. Women face a number of obstacles in entering the tech workforce. For instance, many face misconceptions about not being inclined in the sciences that govern technology. Others may have few mentors out there to emulate. Pathway is the Center's forum that looks at these challenges, delivering the resources and career advice to help you become a successful woman in the field.

    Pathway complements classroom instruction with advice and applications sourced from industry professionals to help women overcome the challenges and identify opportunities in the workplace. Connect with IT women in the know to help program your pathway for career success.

    About Lynne Williams

    Lynne Williams is a full-time faculty member at Kaplan University School of Business and Information Technology. She teaches graduate-level courses, and is passionate about all things IT. She holds a PhD in IT Management and Security and a Master of Science in Information Technology; her research interests include network security, cybercrime, informational ethics, and online privacy. Lynne is co-principal investigator and technical advisor of a mental health initiative and grant that will provide SMART apartments to outpatients in the Ontario, Canada area. She is a member of IEEE, ACM, ASIS&T, American Women in Science, and Mensa. As a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, she uses her downtime to build all of her own computer from scratch.


    Don’t Get Left Out in the Code:
    Break the IT Stereotype with a Return to the Basics

    One undeniable truth I’ve witnessed in my many years in this industry is that IT people have a passion for the beautifully logical process of creation. They’re discovering and constructing new worlds of technological progress, literally right at their fingertips. 

    But the downside is that they can get lost in that process and disregard, or altogether lose, the grounding skills that are ultimately needed to succeed professionally.

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    How Soft Skills Can Position
    Women for IT Success

    As IT projects increasingly rely on virtual teams for a variety of initiatives, the importance of soft skills to facilitate effective teamwork is growing. "Soft skills" refer to a cluster of personal qualities, habits, attitudes, and social graces that make someone compatible to work with. Such skills include adaptability, problem solving, conflict resolution, and critical observation.

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    Unraveling the Maze:
    Identifying Top Jobs in IT

    IT is no longer embodied by a mainframe computer tucked away in a refrigerated room attended by an elite group of specialists. The diffusion of IT into just about every business sector means that everyone, from health professionals to auto mechanics, are touched or supported in some manner by IT. 

    And that means there are more IT job opportunities afoot, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

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    The Girl Code:
    Reprogramming Software's Glass Ceiling

    While the mobile app development market is burgeoning thanks to female consumers, the coding industry may be missing out in the long run by not doing more to introduce and support coding careers among women. 

    Why aren't there more female coders out there developing the apps that women use?

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