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    The path to success may be driven by personal ambition, but it helps to learn from those who have paved the way. Our faculty and partners share their personal anecdotes, advice, and insight to illustrate that inspiration can be as valuable a resource as education to pursue career success and satisfaction.

  • Maternity Leave

    Maternity Leave in the US: A Change is Coming

    By Dr. Rachel Byers, Faculty, Kaplan University
    July 2016


    Professor Rachel Byers takes a look at the wave of change sweeping the U.S. workforce that relates to maternity leave benefits.

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    BS - New HR

    E-leadership: Leadership in the Twenty-First Century

    By Dr. Joel D. Olson, Faculty, Kaplan University
    December 2015


    The rise of virtual teams in the workplace requires a new leadership paradigm—one that integrates leadership with technology.

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    Be Your Own Inspiration

    Lillian Moller Gilbreth—The First Lady of Management

    Many of us have seen the 1952 movie Cheaper by the Dozen about an efficiency expert by the name of Frank Gilbreth and his rather large family of 12 children. Few, however, know about the contributions to management of his wife, Lillian Moller Gilbreth.

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    Who Should I Lunch With?

    Who Should I Have Lunch With?

    By Susan B. Pettine, PhD, CBM, Full-Time Faculty, Kaplan University
    July 2015

    Being able to recognize your own generational strengths, as well as those around you, can help you be more effective in developing the right network for YOU!

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    Women in STEM

    Women in STEM: Filling the Skills Gap by Building Momentum Early

    A recent study found that women earned 57.2% of bachelor’s degrees in all fields in 2010 and 50.3% of science and engineering degrees. Yet more than half of the STEM degrees were in biology, leaving a void in areas such as computer science.

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    Mentoring Tips for Women

    By Andryce M. Zurick, PhD, EBC, Full-Time Faculty, Kaplan University
    April 2015

    Many have embarked upon higher education in order to pursue their dream career and/or life goals. At this point in your path, have you thought about engaging a mentor?

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    Pay Raise Thumb

    Want a Raise? Get the Backing of These People Before Talking to Your Boss.

    Posted March 18, 2015


    Faculty Member Karli Peterson writes about the value of knowing your stakeholders when it comes to asking for a raise. Read more in her article published in The Business Journals.

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    Dr. Rebecca Herman

    Women Can Be Successful Without Being Superwoman

    By Dr. Rebecca Herman, Full-Time Faculty, Kaplan University
    March 2015

    What success is to one person may not be near what it is to another. Many people, especially women, place their own roadblocks to success. Does that resonate with you? 

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    Women CFOs Less Likely to Use Tax Shelters

    Posted December 30, 2014


    Women CFOs employ more cautious tax strategies than their male counterparts, according to a recent study. This article from CFO.com highlights other findings and explores the reasons, pros, and cons for these gender-based mindsets.

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    10 Ways Women Can Boost Their Tech Careers at Online Universities

    By Ellen Raineri, PhD, Full-Time Faculty, Kaplan University
    October 2014

    Online universities offer tremendous career opportunities because peers and instructors span the United States. They may also have ground locations near you. Based upon the inherent value offed by online universities, Kaplan University faculty member Ellen Raineri offers 10 action steps to take that can help boost your career.

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    Hottest Certifications for IT Professionals

    Girl Geek Academy Wants to Teach One Million Girls to Code

    Posted July 19, 2014


    Despite the growing strides women are making in IT careers, the disparity of women to men involved in software and app development as well as tech startups is staggering…but not insurmountable. The Girl Geek Academy is a bold initiative aimed at teaching 1 million women by 2025 how to build apps and hone the skills needed to create startups. To learn more, check out this CNET article.

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    Kaplan University Professor Quoted in Cybercoders.com

    July 22, 2014

    Overcoming initial credibility is just one of many challenges women have to deal with in the IT workplace, according to Kaplan University School of Information Technology professor Dr. Lynne Williams. Read more of Dr. Williams’ insight on the topic in this blog post from Cybercoders.com.

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    Teaching Experience K 5

    Glass Ceiling Debate: He Said, She Didn't

    May 2014


    When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, women may need to get out of their own way. Some suffer from brash over-confidence, while others underestimate their qualifications and potential to advance in senior positions. Women leaders share their thoughts in this Inc.com article on what women can do to strike the right balance to advocate for themselves in the corporate world.

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    Women at Computer

    The Gender Wage Gap

    April 9, 2014


    With the recent signing of the Paycheck Fairness Act, the spotlight once again shines on the lingering gender wage gap, which in 2014 is 77 cents on the dollar. This CBS Morning News segment addresses what the Act protects as well as its value to add transparency and arm women with the information needed to negotiate fair and equal pay.

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    Asking for a Raise? Everything is Negotiable

    By Karli Peterson, School of Business
    March 26, 2014


    Role playing and everyday opportunities to practice your bargaining skills are a couple of approaches women can take to become more comfortable and assertive when it comes to negotiating in business. Karli Peterson, a business professor with Kaplan University’s School of Business, lays out some useful tips on how women can overcome their fear of negotiation in this article on ProjectEve.com.

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    How Can We Keep Infosec Pros a Step Ahead of the Bad Guys?

    By Lynne Williams, School of Information Technology
    May 16, 2013

    Attacks on digital assets are on the rise, and the black hats get more inventive every day. How should educators prepare tomorrow's information security gurus? Lynne Williams, professor with Kaplan University’s School of Information Technology, shares her insights on how students should be trained to defend against large-scale cyber-attacks on U.S. infrastructure in this article on ComputerWorld.com

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