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  • BS - Women in Leadership

    Women in Corporate Leadership: Where Are We Headed?

    Take a closer look at women who are succeeding in corporate leadership positions, the reasons behind their success and where they are headed.

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    10 Tips

    10 Tips to Attract Women to Infosec Jobs

    Interview Featuring Professor Lynne Williams
    May 5, 2014 

    Even as women have made dramatic advances in medicine, law, and other fields, in the IT field women make up only 11 percent of infosec professionals. Much of the problem lies in how most companies recruit and attract workers, which is generally designed to appeal to the kind of people who already work there. In an interview with CSO Online, Professor Lynne Williams of Kaplan University’s School of Information Technology explains how companies can attract more women to info sec jobs.

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    Job Hunting 101

    Job Hunting 101: Successfully Answering Common Interview Questions

    Employment opportunities in the IT sector run the gamut from small business computer support to server development for multinational corporations. Employers seek highly skilled and qualified individuals to fill in-demand IT roles. Check out this roundtable discussion that suggests preparation and approaches to take during the interview and recruitment process. 

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