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    Inspiration for Professional Success Through
    Thought Leadership, Constructive Insights, and
    Industry Resources for Women.

    In 1938, when founder Stanley H. Kaplan founded Kaplan Inc. as a test preparatory business, the goal was to provide access to education as a path to opportunity for men and women from all walks of life. Since then, thousands have found their path to opportunity through Kaplan, including women who were determined to succeed in male-dominated industries such as business and information technology (IT). The Kaplan University Women in Business and IT Leadership Center seeks to continue this tradition, inspiring and helping women throughout their careers in many facets of these industries.

    Reinforcing leadership roles and career opportunities for women in business and information technology sectors are critical areas for discussion and action in the classroom and the workplace. Encouraging this movement and motivating positive changes is what drove the Kaplan University School of Business and School of Information Technology to join forces and establish the Women in Business and IT Leadership Center.

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