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    VV-Dan Hesse
    Visionary Voices Overview

    Visionary Voices is an innovative partnership between Kaplan University and top thought leaders, bringing their knowledge and expertise to our community. Featuring prominent speakers from conferences around the globe, such as the World Economic Forum, Techonomy, and the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, Visionary Voices gives you access to great ideas from established experts.

    Visionary Voices extends well beyond the Kaplan University community to our growing network of acclaimed partners and speakers.  

    Access the latest live webinars and live events at https://kapx.kaplan.com/. 

    Below is just a small sample of the kinds of insights that you’ll find through Visionary Voices. It’s all part of our commitment to help you succeed.

  • Career Perspectives

    See the trends and possibilities in growing industries.

    • VV-Yoder
      Alex Yoder, CEO Webtrends "It Is Absolutely Worth It"
    • Padma Warrior
      Padmasree Warrior – Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Systems, The Business of Technology
    • VV-Kovak
      Gary Kovacs, CEO, Mozilla, "Perseverance and Adaptability Are Key"
    • VV-Vivek
      From Marching Band to Improv Jazz: The New Organization—Vivek Ranadivé, TIBCO Software
    • Deborah Hopkins
      Deborah Hopkins – Chief Innovation Officer, Citi, Customer-centricity
    • VV-Goeman
      Donald Goeman, EVP of Research Herman Miller, "Keep Looking to Your Creative Side"
    • Kevin Kelly
      Kevin Kelly – Co-founder of WIRED magazine, Author, What Technology Wants
    • Kim Warren Martin
      Kim Warren-Martin – Global Diversity and Inclusion Group, Intel , Passion for Diversity
    • Margeret Spellings
      Margaret Spellings – Former U.S. Secretary of Education on "Inspiring Teachers"
  • Motivation and Skills

    Receive valuable insights and pointers from today’s successful leaders.
    • Lisa Nichols
      Lisa Nichols – Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, No Matter What! ,A Step-by-Step Journey
    • VV-Johns
      Motivation Drives Our Future Workforce, Tammy Johns, SVP, ManpowerGroup
    • Technology as a Tool of Individual Empowerment
      Techonomy: Technology as a Tool of Individual Empowerment
    • Jeff Weiner
      Jeff Weiner – CEO, LinkedIn on "The Importance of Continuing Education"
    • Jack Canfield
      Jack Canfield – CEO, The Canfield Training Group , Creating Support and Accountability
    • VV-AlexisHerman
      Alexis Herman – Chair and CEO, New Ventures, LLC Keep Learning and Stay Competitive
    • Wendy Hawkins
      Wendy Hawkins – Executive Director, Intel Foundation, The Future of Education
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