• May 1, 2014 -

    GSA Bingo

    Ettamay Kama-Sunada, Kaplan University Alumni

    It was a bingo game where everyone was a winner. At Kaplan University's Winter Commencement celebration in Miami in February, graduates were invited to participate in GSA Bingo, a spirited game that called on them to visit information tables set up throughout the graduate services area.

    There, representatives from Career Services, the Graduate Help Desk, the Office of Returning Students, the Office of the Registrar, Student Finance, and Student Life dispensed smiles and information on opportunities for student-assistance at Kaplan University.

    Each new grad was presented with a bingo card and encouraged to have it stamped at the tables they visited. By returning a card to Student Life with all six stamps they became eligible for a prize-an alumni license plate cover.

    "The [GSA representatives] were able to use this opportunity to connect with graduates that may not have otherwise stopped by," said Student Life Specialist Nicole Gottleib.

     For instance, Student Finance was able to counsel over 100 graduates as to whether their financial aid was in order, whether they had a balance to the University, and what Title IV repayment options were available to them. Carrie DeCort in Student Finance even mentioned to us that a few students paid off their balances in full on the spot, after our GSA Bingo directed them to stop by that table. 

    The first graduate to complete the bingo card in its entirety was Ettamay Kama-Sunada, who received a Master of Science in Education-Teaching Students with Special Needs from the School of Graduate Education.   

    "I had a great time playing GSA Bingo," she wrote in an email to Student Life. "Each booth offered something unique to enhance my experience, and staff members were friendly, supportive, and ready to help," Etta said.

    "'Team Kaplan University as I would like to refer to them, made me feel welcome from the start, and bingo became a fun opportunity to meet new colleagues [who were] excited by my accomplishments, and celebrative of my success as a master's-degree graduate. Many thanks to you and your staff for a memorable event that I will reflect upon with pride and honor."

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