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    Kaplan University offers a productive and exciting way to learn—online. Unlike traditional classroom experiences, we focus on adding a human touch to the high technology of online learning. Our convenient web-based academic programs allow you to tailor your own curriculum and plan class and study time to fit your unique schedule. Here you will find a commitment to providing you with extraordinary convenience, online tools and resources, and the opportunity to achieve your professional and career goals

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    Online education at Kaplan University is created around the principle of using advanced technology and enhanced delivery methods to make classes easy to access and use. You can navigate lessons and explore web field trips with the click of a mouse, and communicate with fellow students and faculty via email and message boards. 

    Our user-friendly online classroom environment makes learning interactive and enjoyable. Your classes, academic resources, and support services are all easily accessible. Just log on to our classroom portal with your personalized ID and password and you are ready to go. Kaplan University offers a full range of support services, including technical support by phone, email, and live chat. 

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