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    Caps and Gowns

    Caps, gowns, and tassels may be purchased through Jostens. Please click here for a direct link to order regalia. Orders should be placed at least 7 weeks prior to the ceremony date to allow for delivery time and time to exchange, if needed. Graduates who miss the deadline should contact Jostens' Customer Service at 800.854.7464 to see if a late order will be accepted. Late orders are not guaranteed, and may be subject to express mailing fees.

    All caps and gowns are black. Tassels are included with the cap and gown, and are color coded based on the graduate's major/curriculum. Hoods are included with the cap and gown package for master's and doctorate level students and are color coded based on major/curriculum.

    Listing of Tassel and Hood Degree Colors

    DegreeTassel/Hood ColorJostens Selection
    Accounting Drab Business 
    Addictions Gold Psychology 
    Applied Behavioral Analysis Gold Psychology 
    Autism Gold Psychology 
    Business Administration Drab Business 
    Child and Family Services White Social and Behavioral Sciences 
    Cisco Networks Red Information Technology 
    Communications White Social and Behavioral Sciences 
    Computer Forensics Red Information Technology 
    Corrections Peacock Criminal Justice 
    Criminal Justice Peacock Criminal Justice 
    Criminology Peacock Criminal Justice 
    Cyber Security Red Information Technology 
    Early Childhood Development White Social and Behavioral Sciences 
    Education Light Blue Education 
    Educational Psychology Light Blue Education 
    Environmental Policy Purple Legal Studies 
    Finance Drab Business 
    Fire and Emergency Management Peacock Fire Science 
    Fire Science Peacock Fire Science 
    Gerontology Apricot Nursing 
    Health and Wellness Salmon Health Sciences 
    Health Education Apricot Nursing 
    Health Information Technology Salmon Health Sciences 
    Health Informatics Salmon Health Sciences 
    Health Sciences Salmon Health Sciences 
    Healthcare Administration Salmon Health Sciences 
    Higher Education Light Blue Education 
    Homeland Security Peacock Criminal Justice 
    Human Resources Drab Business 
    Human Services White Social and Behavioral Sciences 
    Information Security Red Information Technology 
    Information Technology Red Information Technology  
    Instructional Design Light Blue Education 
    Legal Secretary Purple Legal Studies 
    Legal Studies Purple Legal Studies  
    Liberal Studies White Social and Behavioral Sciences 
    Management Drab Business 
    Medical Assistant Salmon Health Sciences 
    Medical Billing and Coding Salmon Health Sciences  
    Medical Office Management Salmon Health Sciences 
    Microsoft Operating Systems Red Information Technology  
    Nurse Educator Apricot Nursing 
    Nurse Practitioner Apricot Nursing  
    Nursing Apricot Nursing 
    Nutrition Science Salmon Health Sciences  
    Oracle Database Management Red Information Technology 
    Paralegal Studies Purple Legal Studies  
    Practical Nursing Apricot Nursing 
    Professional Studies White Social and Behavioral Sciences  
    Project Management Drab Business 
    Psychology Gold Psychology 
    Public Administration Peacock Criminal Justice 
    Public Health Salmon Health Sciences 
    Software Development  Red Information Technology 

    All graduates and faculty will dress in traditional cap, gown, and tassel in accordance with their fields of study. When choosing attire to wear under your gown, remember that the gown falls mid-calf. Business or business casual clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended.

    Announcements and Class Rings

    Graduation announcements and class rings can be ordered from Jostens.

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