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    Real-world knowledge and skills are essential in today's competitive job market. Our campus-based programs include master's, bachelor's, and associate's degree programs and certificates that integrate general education, professional skills, and career-focused training. Explore what our campuses have to offer and what the campus learning experience is all about.

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    • Campus - Your Moment
      Your Moment
    • Cynthia Morales Nursing Instructor Campuses
      Cynthia Morales, Nursing Instructor on "Inspiring Students"
    • Joann Amory Campus Graduate
      Graduate Joann Amory on Career Services
    • Tracey Griffin
      Graduate Tracy Griffin on "Creating a Career in the Legal Field"
    • Campus Graduate - Matt Slater
      Davenport Campus Graduate Matt Slater on "An Even Better Tomorrow"
    • Jenn Sumner Video Thumb
      Campus Graduate Jenn Sumner on "Fulfilling a Dream"
    • Campus Graduate - Jennifer DeCock
      Davenport Campus Graduate Jennifer DeCock on "Making Differences"
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