Our graduates have excelled both personally and professionally. Below are some recent success stories.

  • Alum - Marlene Clarke

    Marlene Clarke, Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration, 2011, Advanced Start Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 2013

    When Marlene Clarke began her associate’s degree with Kaplan University, her focus was walking across the stage for the very first time. Now, she has her sight set on completing her master's degree.

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    Rebecca Gallion

    Rebecca Gallion, Associate of Applied Science in Accounting, 2015

    Rebecca Gallion started with one goal in mind, but soon found out that she could achieve much more. After talking to more than 15 online universities, Rebecca chose Kaplan University to work on her Associate of Applied Science in Accounting.

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    Wendy Posella, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 2012, Master of Health Care Administration, 2015

    The 2008 recession led Wendy to start thinking about earning her degree. No stranger to challenges in life, Wendy credits her professors for helping her succeed and offers advice to others.

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    Alum - F. Derek Roman

    F. Derek Roman, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, 2015

    Derek decided to pursue his interest in programming at Kaplan University, where he obtained a degree in information technology. "Through my degree plan, I was exposed to a variety of different programming languages and technologies for achieving a variety of goals."

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    Jennifer Trimmer, Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration, 2016

    Before enrolling at Kaplan University, Jennifer aspired to be promoted from human resource generalist to human resource manager. However, the position required a degree.

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    David Walker, Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology, 2012, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, 2013, Master of Science in Information Technology, 2015

    As a result of the recession in 2010, David had to pursue a new career. Having a strong passion for technology, he enrolled in Kaplan University with a goal to earn an associate’s degree in information technology.

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    Concord Law School at Kaplan University is the leading program of online legal education in the United States today. Since opening its virtual doors in 1998, more than 2,000 students have graduated from the law school. Read our graduates' stories at www.concordlawschool.edu.

    Alum - June Monroe

    June Monroe, JD '12

    After nine years of working as a legal secretary, then paralegal providing administrative legal support, June decided that she wanted more for herself and, importantly, her young children.

    She chose Concord Law School. “Concord by far had the convenience, technology, and affordability that would make it feasible for me to get a law degree.”

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    Alum - Dennis Shogren

    Dennis Shogren, EJD '14

    In 2009, Dennis decided to make a career change, opening up his own accountancy practice focusing on trust and probate work.

    An attorney friend called on Dennis to serve as an expert witness. “I got a taste of the courtroom environment and going to law school would be a really good way to get a practical education to go with my accounting skills,” says Dennis.

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    Alumni - Michelle Becker

    Michelle Becker, JD '11

    Michelle Becker enrolled at Concord in 2006. According to Michelle, going to Concord Law School is a “passion project” for students. 

    “It is not something we are doing because we are pressured by parents or pressured by the need to earn money.”

    Michelle graduated from Concord Law School in 2011 and passed the California State Bar Exam.

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    Ginna Cortese

    Ginna Cortese, Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, 2016 (Expected)

    Ginna Cortese is many things, including a grandmother of six and competitive body builder as well as a soon-to-be Kaplan University graduate.

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    Bobbie Covington Stokes, Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, 2012, Master of Science in Health Education, 2014

    Bobbie earned her master's degree at Kaplan University just before her 54th birthday. In March 2015, she started a health and wellness center for individuals in her community. Read on for her inspiring story.

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    Alumni - Opal Grey 1

    Opal Grey, Master of Public Health, 2015

    Just after her first class, Opal knew Kaplan University University was a great fit. “I really loved all my classes. I was so impressed by the quality of the material and the knowledge of the professor.”

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    Alum - Debra Hunter

    Debra Hunter, Bachelor of Science in Public Health, 2013

    Debra completed her Kaplan University's bachelor's degree in public health in 2013, which helped her advance her career as a client services/marketing assistant. Now, she is pursuing her Master of Public Health with Kaplan University.

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    Samantha Lord

    Samantha Lord, Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, 2014, Master of Science in Health Care Administration, 2015

    Samantha enrolled at Kaplan University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration. She shares how Kaplan University helped her achieve her career goals.

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    Jennifer Miles 150

    Jennifer Miles, Associated of Applied Science in Medical Office Management, 2016

    Kaplan University Jennifer, who graduated with honors in February 2016 from the medical office management program, is the first online student named to the Illinois Academic team.

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    Alum - Moriah Slade

    Moriah Slade, Master of Public Health, 2015

    Moriah Slade is one busy go-getter. She is an entrepreneur, business owner, sous chef, substitute teacher, and single mom. She is also a proud graduate of Kaplan University.

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    Maria Vallejo, Associate of Applied Science in Medical Office Management, 2012, Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, 2015

    Kaplan University graduate discusses how her degree helped her reach her goals and how Kaplan University was "more than just a school."

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    Alum - Josephine Garcesa-Duque

    Josephine Garcesa-Duque, Master of Science in Nursing, 2011

    A love for nursing and thirst for lifelong learning drove Josephine to pursue her Master of Science in Nursing at Kaplan University. Today, Josephine works as a critical care cardiac nurse, administering care to patients with heart issues

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    Alum - Jennifer Mercer

    Jennifer Mercer, Master of Science in Nursing, 2011

    Jennifer worked in health care for more than a dozen years and earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in May 2008. She soon decided to enroll at Kaplan University's Master of Science in Nursing program with a concentration in Nurse Educator.

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    Angela Azcona, Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, Educational Paraprofessional, 2011, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 2012, Master of Science in Psychology, 2015

    In what seemed to be in a blink of an eye, Angela Azcona’s life was turned upside down. Read more about her inspiring journey from associate's to master's degree.

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    Lacrecia Brown

    Master of Science in Higher Education, College Administration and Leadership, 2015

    Being a single mom and working full time, Lacrecia needed a university that offered the flexibility to take all of her classes online and study on her schedule. Kaplan University was the perfect match.

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    Alum - Eva Coleman

    Eva Coleman, Master of Science in Education, 2013

    Eva decided that she wanted to go back to school and earn a master’s degree in education. She was unable to find a university in Jamaica that was affordable and flexible around her full-time job, so she started looking at universities in the United States. Eventually, Eva found Kaplan University.

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    Alum - Timothy Frater

    Timothy Frater, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management, 2016

    Timothy had taken courses at other institutions before he enrolled in Kaplan University, where his eligible credits transferred into his bachelor's degree. Kaplan University offered the flexibility he needed to graduate.

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    Anne Henningsen, Bachelor of Science in Human Services, 2015

    At Kaplan University, Anne decided to finish what she started nearly two decades earlier and complete her degree. She credits her family for providing the support and encouragement that made it all possible.

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    Crystal Jenkins, Master of Science in Psychology, 2013

    In order to pursue a new career path, Crystal knew that she needed to go back to school. She chose Kaplan University because it offered the best program that fit her needs and was related to her career goals.

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    Josephine Garcesa-Duque

    Katrina Longmire, Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice, 2009, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, 2011

    Katrina Longmire’s path to promotion began with her decision to enroll at Kaplan University for her Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice.

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    Alum - Pamela Talbott

    Pamela Talbott, Master of Public Administration, 2015

    After finishing her undergraduate degree, Pamela was eager to go back to earn a master’s degree. She decided to enroll in Kaplan University after hearing about her older sister’s experience.

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    Theresa Turner, Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 2013

    With a passion for helping others, Theresa pursues her master's in psychology at Kaplan University with the goal of eventually earning her counselor license.

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