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    Maine Campuses Contacts

    Reach out to us about cap and gowns, ceremony information, or inquire about verifications if you cannot locate the answer on this website. Whatever information you need, we are here.

    Please contact mgough@kaplan.edu or call Mimi Gough at 207.221.8722 with any questions.

    Caps and Gowns

    Students who were admitted to Kaplan University through the South Portland, Lewiston, or Augusta campuses will be registering for regalia through the registration form for direct home shipping. All other students will contact Jostens using the link provided. Click here to learn more. 

    Graduation Ceremony Information and Special Needs Requests

    For any questions regarding the Maine Ceremony please contact Chelsea Tibbetts at chelsea.tibbetts@kaplan.edu or 207.221.8751.

    Registration and Verification of Ability to Graduate

    Tony Tenneson, Associate Academic Dean
    Email: atenneson@kaplan.edu
    Phone: 207.221.8723

    Other Campus Ceremonies

    Click here for a list of campus ceremony contacts.

    Ceremonies for Online Students Who Want to Attend the Annual Chicago Ceremony

    Contact the Graduation Event Team for information not found within the Graduation Center pages.
    Email: graduation@kaplan.edu
    Phone:312.777.6456 (Voicemail)

    Honor Society Questions

    Contact the Office of Student Life
    Email: Studentlife@kaplan.edu
    Email: Studentlife@kaplan.edu


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