• Year End Review

    As 2014 comes to a close, it’s a good time to look back at everything you have achieved and start planning ahead for the year to come. Here at the Center for Public Service we took a look at articles that piqued readers’ interests in 2014. Throughout 2014 we covered topics from autism to women in public service, from nonviolence to trends in education. We identified faculty and students who were making a difference in the public service field and even featured public servants who have made strides in government, such as Karla Drenner, and public figures like Bernice King, who are spreading awareness about nonviolence. In 2014 we also featured some campaigns to raise awareness about public service programs and people working in public service such as the “Public Service Stars” campaign and “Environmental Women of the World” series. 

    Below are some topics and articles that grabbed our readers’ interests in 2014 and others that we have selected to feature in our year-end wrap up. We invite you to take a look at some of the stories we’ve published and to come back again next year as we continue to bring you topics and information related to the public service field, and stories on faculty and students making strides in the field of public service.

  • CPS - Lisa Belfield

    Cultural Diversity: Imagine all the People, By Lisa D. Belfield, EdD, Adjunct Faculty

    Culture is that which shapes us; it shapes our identity and influences our behavior. Culture is our “way of being,” more specifically, it refers to the shared language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and material objects that are passed down from one generation to the next.

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    Careers In Education

    Careers in Education and Teaching

    School’s almost back in session and you may be considering becoming a teacher or advancing your teaching career.

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    CPS - E-Learning

    Diversity of Learners, Differentiated Instruction, and e-Learning, By Denise Douglas-Faraci, EdD, Adjunct Faculty

    When we consider meeting diverse learners and diverse learning needs, we should consider multi-media technology tools to deliver and receive differentiated instruction (Gardner, 1993; Kingsley, 2007; Moreno, 2010; Tomlinson, 2001).

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    Environmental Women_Promo Image

    Environmental Women of the World

    Celebrating women who have devoted their lives to promoting global environmental policy and health.

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    Denise Douglas-Faraci

    Reflections on Morphing One Cancelled Class into The Flipped Classroom

    By Denise Douglas-Faraci, EdD, Adjunct Faculty


    Snow days, emergency drills, assemblies, and celebrations are only a few distractors on the menu of on-the-ground class instructional time-grabbers.

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    CPS - Case Management Spotlight

    The National Association of Case Management: Advancing the Field of Case Management and Promoting Professional Growth

    In honor of this month’s National Case Management Week, the Center for Public Service is highlighting the field of case management’s role in the public service industry and resources, such as the National Association of Case Management (NACM), that advance the field.

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    CPS - T. Cruz

    An Examination of the Contributions of African American Women in Education and Leadership, By Theresa Cruz, Adjunct Faculty

    An important part of African American History Month is celebrating the contributions of African American women in improving human conditions.

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    Center for Public Service Derrick Clouston

    9/11: The Lasting Impact on Fire and Emergency Services, By Derrick Clouston

    On September 10, 2001, my wife and I started moving into our new home. Two months late getting the house completed, we had grown impatient and were glad to finally be moving in.

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    CPS - Keri McCorvey

    Using Cooking Activities to Address Language Skills in Young Children with Autism, By Keri McCorvey M.CCC-SLP, Adjunct Faculty

    As a speech-language pathologist (SLP) working with young children with autism, I use a variety of therapy tools, activities, and strategies to address my students’ language weaknesses.

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    CPS - Buckner

    Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis, by Bobby Buckner, MS, BCBA

    The prevalence of autism is increasing, though it is still unclear whether the increase is due to greater numbers of children being affected by the disorder or better methods of detecting it.

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    CPS - Family

    Five Tips to Improve Family Wellness, by Melissa Neeley, Adjunct Faculty

    Our society has become very concerned with the idea of wellness. A simple search on the Internet yields a plethora of websites dedicated to improving our wellness (including one for our pets!).

    Family Wellness
    CPS - Autism Circle of Friends

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    Read articles or view videos about Martin Luther King Jr. and his principles of nonviolence.

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