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    Firefighters don't just put out fires, they are often first to many types of emergencies, whether it's assisting in response to a car crash or responding to a natural gas leak emergency. Fire captains have an even greater responsibility to ensure their community's ongoing safety. Help us celebrate the heroes in the fire sciences professions by learning about what they really do to keep us safe every day.  


    In our "What I Actually Do: Fire Captain" video, we highlight some of the common misconceptions that different people have about firefighters and fire captains and help you learn more about the actual work that fire captains do. For instance, leaders in fire science are team leaders, defenders, and business people. Their roles are more than one some may perceive.

    Fire captains lead a team in protecting their community while keeping them focused on the job at hand. They don't just fight fires in the community. They deal with organizational and management related activities in their departments. In addition, they solve complex problems, make tough decisions, and constantly evaluate the community and department needs.

    At Kaplan University, we are committed to helping students develop the skills relevant to today's workplace and helping students seeking to advance in their fire science careers. Additionally, Kaplan University's flexible online schedules allow industry professionals to study virtually anytime, anywhere, and user-friendly technology helps students navigate at their own pace. After watching the video we ask the following question: What do you want to do?  Visit our fire sciences programs page and see what our fire science programs and experienced faculty members can offer you.* 

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  • *Kaplan University cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Additional academy training and education may be required for firefighting or emergency management jobs.

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