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    Public service professionals keep our cities safe and defend our country abroad, maintain our health and happiness, uphold our civil rights, push American innovation and infrastructure to new heights, and serve as guardians for our most vulnerable and future generations.

    Through diverse career paths in public service, there are many meaningful career options despite the challenging work, occasionally long hours and even public, political, and media criticism that can sometimes come with the job. And though it may seem like a difficult time to be a public servant, the unique dedication of these professionals shines as bright as ever, as they continue to go the extra mile to impact communities everywhere.

    As our way of saying thank you, Kaplan University's Center for Public Service is shining the spotlight on these everyday heroes who make a real difference in the lives of others, in so many ways and across so many career paths. Shine On Public Service is highlighting four professionals committed to supporting the fields of human services, psychology, public service, and public administration.

    Karla L. Drenner, PhD, MS, MBA, Kaplan University College of Social and Behavioral Sciences faculty member and Georgia state representative, delivers a series of blog posts and videos to guide the conversation and share the outstanding contributions of these truly inspiring leaders. From those fighting the fight to keep our children fed and help our veterans thrive when they return home, to individuals challenging the status quo in the U.S. Senate, these bold individuals are working to build a brighter tomorrow.

    We hope to inspire a movement of appreciation and celebration for all public service professionals, their unmatched perseverance, and these meaningful careers. We invite you to join us and explore the Center to learn more about organizations that support public service related initiatives, pathways to careers in public service, and how you can pursue your dreams to make a change starting in your own backyard.


  • Public Service Professionals in Psychology Shine a Light on Experiences to Make Positive Change

    Shine On - Psychology

    Public service professionals across the board are constantly evolving with the diverse and ever-changing needs of our communities today. This may be especially true for professionals in the vast field of psychology, driven by understanding human behavior, what makes us to do the things we do and ultimately how we can live happier, healthier lives.

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    Public Administration Professionals Persevere to Make Government Work for People

    Shine On - Public Administration

    Our government’s programs are only as strong as the people who implement them. Working through how government decisions are made and then administrating projects to carry out these decisions, public administration professionals at all levels play a crucial role in serving the American people.

    Read the Blog >>

    Public Safety Professionals Aren’t Just Heroes for Children

    Shine On Public Safety

    Whether devoted to keeping our cities safe and defending our country abroad through homeland security positions, enforcing the law through work in criminal justice and law enforcement, or tackling emergency situations as firefighters and emergency responders, public safety professionals across many fields are essential to the survival and wellbeing of our country, and our world.

    Read the Blog >>

    Human Service Professionals Pursue Passions to Make a Difference

    Shine On Human Services

    The field of human services centers on making a difference in the lives of people who are unable who help themselves. Also known as the “helping profession,” human services focus on finding ways to help those in our society whose voices often go unheard. Human service professionals serve as leaders and advocates championing many causes through a variety of jobs.

    Read the Blog >>

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