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    Dogs have been important participants in public service for a number of years in a variety of roles. Assistance and service dogs have changed many lives for the better and helped communities by either helping individuals lessen the implications of their disabilities or limitations or as search and rescue K9s during emergencies. They have also proven to be heroes by helping rescue people in danger or apprehending criminals. They are an important part of our communities and the public service sector. Assistance and service dogs are making a difference and can be found working with professionals in the field of fire science, law enforcement, humans services, or psychology. Please join us as we celebrate and recognize these dogs through faculty written articles, a webinar, spotlights, and a call out to service dogs across the country!

    CPS - ExplosiveDogTeam_150

    Explosive Detector Dog Teams

    Read the Center for Public Service’s government spotlight on Explosive Detector Dog (EDD) teams and how they are helping keep communities safe from terrorism and deterring potential criminals.  

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    CPS -AssistantDogWeek_150

    International Assistance Dog Week

    Join the Center for Public Service in celebrating International Assistance Dog Week in August and learn how assistance and service dogs can make a difference in people’s lives and communities.

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    CPS - Service Dogs - CJ

    Service Dogs Webinar

    Webinar: Service Dogs and Their Roles in Changing Lives and Protecting Communities. 


    View Kaplan University's engaging webinar on "Service Dogs and Their Roles in Changing Lives and Protecting Communities." The webinar looks at K-9 roles in law enforcement, search and rescue efforts, fire safety and homeland security as well as assistance and therapy dogs, and their amazing, positive impact on those in need.

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    CPS - K9sforWarriors_150

    K9s for Warriors

    Learn more about K9s for Warriors and how the organization is training and placing service dogs to help returning heroes from the military cope with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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    Service and Assistance Dogs

    Public safety program faculty member Josh Shanley shares his professional and personal experiences working with his canine partner Scully. Read how this special service dog helped make a difference in his life and those of others, including two young girls he helped rescue who were lost.

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    CPS - Analeah Green

    The Benefits of Man’s Best Friend

    By  Analeah Green, Adjunct Faculty, Kaplan UniversitySchool of Social and Behavioral Sciences 


    I’ve always considered myself to be a “dog person.” From calendars, mugs, t-shirts and other knick knacks, a canine was featured. From an early age, I remember having a dog and as an adult continue to own dogs as pets.

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    CPS - David Bridges

    The Use of Accelerant Detection K-9s in Fire Investigation

    By David E. Bridges, Adjunct Faculty Member for  Kaplan UniversityPublic Safety Programs



    Working within the field of fire analysis and investigation requires reliance on scientific principles, sound methodology, logic, passion, training, and one’s available tools. As a Special Agent / K-9 Handler, I frequently deployed differing implements in my mission to seek the truth in fire and explosion incidents.

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    CPS - Michelle March

    Service Comfort Dogs and the Benefits They Bring to Communities

     By Dr. Michelle Lynne March, Human Services Adjunct Instructor, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


    The field of human services is generally defined with the goal of meeting the needs of individuals and helping improve the overall quality of life. Therefore, professionals, as well as service comfort dogs, are trained at various levels to implement specialized techniques with aspiration to minimize problems.

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    CPS - Jonathan Dorriety

    International Training Standards

    By Jonathan Dorriety, Adjunct Faculty, Kaplan University'sPublic Safety Program  


    It is common knowledge that dogs have a nose for crime, literally. Their keen olfactory senses far exceed that of humans to the degree that no two scientists can agree on how sensitive they really are. Nonetheless, police service dogs have proven to be a great asset to the law enforcement community in the United States since the mid-1950s.


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    CPS - Joshua Shanley

    Three Things I Learned From My Canine Partner That I've Applied to My Pursuit of Higher Education

    By Joshua Shanley, Adjunct Faculty, Kaplan University's Public Safety Program  


    Scully loved to work and she loved to play. To her, they were one and the same. I adopted her when she was 8 months old after she "failed" to make it as a competitive show dog. Her gait gave her a bounce that was unacceptable in the ring but just demonstrated the joy she felt as she strutted about proudly and carefree while we worked hard toward our goals. 

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    CPS - Amanda Fox

    Service Dogs: Companions and Life Changers

    By Amanda Fox, Adjunct faculty, Kaplan University, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


    What is a service dog? Adjunct faculty Amanda Fox reviews the different types of service dogs and the benefits service dogs provide to our communities. 

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    CPS - Campbell 150

    Service Dogs

    By Terry Campbell, Faculty for Kaplan University's Public Safety Program


    Some correction departments utilize dog programs consisting of search dogs. Search dogs may be used to track escaped inmates; assist law enforcement to search for someone; assist agencies in searching for missing persons; perform a security role; perform drug searches; and assist the public.

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    CPS - Swann

    Kaplan University Student James Swann: Air Force Sergeant and Elite Military Dog Trainer Working to Protect Us

    Learn more about Kaplan University Student Air Force Staff Sergeant James Swann and his work training military work dogs.

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    CPS - Melanie and Dave Thomas

    Student Spotlight: Melanie and Dave Thomas

    Kaplan University students Melanie and Dave Thomas help save a dog and train him to be a service dog that helps Dave with his mobility and posttraumatic stress disorder.

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    CPS - Cyndi Palma

    Rosie's Law

    By Cyndi Palma, Adjunct Faculty, Kaplan University, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


    Rosie’s law was created to give judges the discretion to decide if a facility dog could accompany certain witnesses to the witness stand while they testify. Adjunct faculty member Cyndi Palma describes how the law came to be in New York and how Rosie, a service dog, helped a child testify during an abuse case.

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