• Recognizing Teachers

    The Center for Public Service is recognizing teachers and organizations dedicated to the teaching and education field.  We are featuring stories that highlight the work of teachers and demonstrate the inspirations that drove faculty and students to become teachers. Teachers carry a great responsibility and are charged with the task of educating students with skills that they can use throughout their life. The impact a teacher can have on a student can lead to a transformation in a student’s mind, career, or skillset. Educating the future of America and our workforce is a job that should definitely be recognized. We invite you to explore this month’s articles about organizations that are helping improve education by investing in it and helping attract the educators of tomorrow. You can also learn about some of the motivations and inspirations that drove some of our faculty members and students to pursue a career in teaching.

    Candace Adams

    Faculty Spotlight: Candace Adams

    Professor Adams currently teaches ED 521: Reading in the Content Area, and has been teaching at Kaplan University for 6 years. Learn more about what inspires her to teach in this month's faculty spotlight. 

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    Master’s in Teaching Graduate Pursues a Change in Her Career to Spend More Time With Her Children and to Help Others

    Today Genevieve teaches the students at Orange Morris Middle School how to prepare for and use evolving technology.

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    Dean Drew Ross

    Invited Guest Blog: Dean Drew Ross

    Former School of Education Dean Drew Ross recognizes an instructor who made a positive impact in his life.

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    Govt Spotlight_Teach Documentary

    Government Spotlight: Documentary Highlights the Importance of Teachers

    What does it take to be a teacher? The documentary TEACH explores this question.

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    Nonprofit Spotlight_Newschools

    Non-Profit Spotlight: NewSchools Venture Fund

    Learn more about NewSchools Venture Fund and its work to improve and transform education through innovation, education investments, teacher training, and developing effective teaching and learning tools.

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