• CPS- Public Service Stars Hero
  • Thank You to All Who Joined in Paying Tribute to #PublicServiceStars

    In honor of several national and international celebrations in May to recognize public service professionals, law enforcement officials, firefighters and EMS professionals, Kaplan University's Center for Public Service and the community came together to shine the spotlight on public service heroes through the Public Service Stars Wall of Heroes. From law enforcement professionals, firefighters and soldiers to teachers, health care workers and social workers, we were honored to recognize the many public service stars who have touched your lives.

    As a special thank you to all public service stars, Kaplan University will soon be announcing the individual selected to receive a $500 donation to the charity of his or her choice (see official rules here). We'll be announcing the winner soon.

    Thank you again to all who participated and to the public service professionals dedicated to making sure the world around us is running as it should. 

    For more information on public service and the wealth of career opportunities it offers, industry news and trends, visit our Center for Public Service.  

  • CPS- Public Service Stars

Center for Public Service

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