• Perspectives on Teaching

    Throughout the month of August we will be posting articles from some of our School of Education experts. We are focusing on important educational topics, including the changing teaching environment and some ideas on how to address that change, and the flipped classroom content. Our faculty members’ articles provide you with information about teaching and the education field that you may find insightful and beneficial in your current or future teaching practices.

  • Denise Douglas-Faraci

    Reflections on Morphing One Cancelled Class into The Flipped Classroom

    By Denise Douglas-Faraci, EdD, Adjunct Faculty


    Snow days, emergency drills, assemblies, and celebrations are only a few distractors on the menu of on-the-ground class instructional time-grabbers.

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    CPS - Stacie Haen Darden

    Reducing the Graduation Gap of African American Students

    By Stacie Haen-Darden


    Read about online learning tools and how they can help increase retention rates and reduce the graduation gap in African American students.

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    CPS - Education Blog

    Blog Post: Common Core Can Provide Consistency to Students in Military Families

    By Margaret Morgan, Assistant Dean for the School of Education


    There is certainly a lot of controversy concerning the Common Core but one group that seems to be embracing the Core is the US military.

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