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    The National Women’s History Museum is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate, inspire, empower, and shape the future by ensuring that women’s history is properly integrated into the culture and history of the United States. Founded in 1996 by Karen Staser, the museum’s vision is to build a world class museum in Washington, D.C. The new museum would be the first of its kind in any nation’s capital dedicated to women’s history.

    As the organization awaits the building of the new museum, they raise awareness through an online museum, educational programs, scholarship, and research. The museum exhibits, researches, and collects contributions that women have made throughout history.

    The National Women’s History Museum hopes to fill in the gaps in history where women’s contributions were overlooked. Exhibitions, educational programs, and research help the organization raise awareness about the roles women have played throughout history and give them their proper place in mainstream culture. 

    Several resources are available on the National Women’s History Museum for those interested in learning more about women in history. Educators can also find lesson plans related to women’s voting rights and more.

    We encourage our public administration or public service students to visit the National Women’s History Museum and take a virtual stroll through the online exhibits featuring women who have played great roles in American politics, wars, public policy, and the economy.

    Anyone interested in learning more about women’s history should visit the online site of the National Women’s History Museum. You can also help support the organization by becoming a member or taking part as a volunteer or intern. 

    Members can honor or pay tribute to any woman they may know or have known by submitting her name or information about the woman they would like to pay tribute to. The tributes could include photographs, biographical information, or remembrances and will reside on the National Women’s History Museum’s online archive titled The Chronicle of American Women.

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