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    The Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) is a global initiative dedicated to advancing women to positions of influence in governments and civic organizations worldwide.

    Launched in 2011 by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the WPSP is a working partnership between the Department of State and several top women’s colleges (Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Wellesley, Scripps, Mills, and Mount St. Mary’s).

    The project’s mission is to ensure and expand the current and future roles of women in finding global solutions to improve governance, expand civil rights, and combat corruption.

    50 Percent Female by 2050

    The WPSP is committed to a world where fifty percent of all political and civic leaders are female; the project is working to achieve this goal by the year 2050. That will be a challenge indeed; a recent survey* of senior public sector roles across G20 countries showed that only four of them reached even 30 percent representation of women in leadership roles.

    Methods the WPSP utilizes to increase the number of women leaders include:

    • Building global conversations and partnerships about women in leadership   
    • Creating leadership-training and mentoring programs for women
    • Developing a worldwide network of women in leadership
    • Promoting new cross-cultural insights about women

    How to Get Involved

    Visit the Women in Public Service Project’s website to explore ways you can help get involved the cause. Make a donation, check the event calendar, connect to the project’s Facebook and Twitter pages, explore mentoring and partnership opportunities, and more.

    Women in Public Service at Kaplan University

    In honor of the Women in Public Service Project we are featuring faculty and students who have contributed or worked in the field of public service.  Visit here to learn more about College of Public Service students and faculty who have made a difference and answered their calling in public service.

    *THE WHITE HOUSE PROJECT REPORT: Benchmarking Women’s Leadership ©2009 http://www.in.gov/icw/files/benchmark_wom_leadership.pdf


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