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    Look to the Stars is a website that includes celebrity charity news and information that lets readers know what celebrities are making a difference in the world. Nonprofit organizations, fans, and other publications and websites get information on the work celebrities are doing for different causes.

    In 2006, Steve and Myrlia Purcell launched Look to the Stars as a way to inspire people to help charities by seeing the charity work that celebrities are doing. Today they have a team of editors, correspondents, writers, hosts, and photographers that contribute to the website.

    The Look to the Stars website reports on news, events, organizations, and causes that celebrities are taking part in.  Exclusive interviews with celebrities are featured on the site highlighting the causes they are active in or charities that they have founded.  

    Search tools on the site allow visitors to identify supporters for a cause they are interested in or in finding a celebrity to support their cause. Look to the Stars also offers information about a celebrities influence and other related information. 

    Visitors to www.looktothestars.org can also search for charitable and philanthropic celebrities. An online tool allows visitors to search their celebrity database by cause. The results also offer information about the celebrity's charitable environment and social reach.  

    Charities and causes of interest can also be searched on www.looktothestars.org. A list of celebrities that support a specific cause is given as a result in addition to any related videos, news stories, or information. 

    Human services or public administration students or anyone interested in learning more about charities that celebrities are involved with can visit www.looktothestars.org to learn more. Look to the Stars provides information on thousands of celebrities and charities that work together to make a difference in communities and through a variety of causes. 

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