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    The Partnership for Public Service (PPS) is nonprofit organization that works to revitalize the federal government by training a new generation to serve and transform the way our government works. They believe that “building, energizing, and maintaining a high-quality workforce is the key to the success of any organization—and the federal government is no different.” PPS uses a number of programs to achieve their three strategic goals: building communities of support, securing the right talent, and fueling innovation.

    In order to enact the change they’d like to see, PPS works to increase the public’s support of government and to mobilize stakeholders who can drive change. This is done through outreach campaigns and legislative advocacy. One of the most successful outreach campaigns began in 1985—Public Service Recognition Week. This week of recognition is designed to honor local, state, and federal employees for their efforts. Similarly, PPR acknowledges outstanding individual government employees annually with the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal. In order to reach those that have the power to enact immediate change, PPS created the Congressional Public Service Caucus which is committed to “building public and congressional support for a well-trained, high-performing, federal workplace.”

    Their second goal of securing the right talent is accomplished in a number of different ways. The largest program—Call to Serve—is a cooperative effort between PPS and United States personnel management to educate young people about how important strong civil service is, help re-establish the links between campuses and federal agencies, and provide students with information about federal jobs. Call to Serve has a network of nearly 700 schools and over 75 federal agencies. A more direct effort to secure the right talent is the FedRecruit program, which assists federal agencies with their ability to recruit, hire, and retain top talent.

    Finally, the goal of fueling innovation is geared towards improving government performance by encouraging organizations to change from a stagnant culture to one that is innovative and forward thinking. One of their main objectives is to foster innovation within leadership roles. PPS’s Center for Government Leadership does just that by offering seminars and fellowships designed to drive innovation and inspire current and rising federal leaders. The Strategic Advisors to Government Executives (SAGE) program helps to spark innovation within senior federal leadership by connecting them with their predecessors and private sector counterparts in hopes of compiling best practices and tackling issues that address management in new ways.

    The Partnership for Public Service also provides a number of beneficial resources for those who may be interested in a career in public service. Their “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” list is a comprehensive ranking based on the experiences of over 150,000 federal employees. Although there are no positions currently available at PPS, they do offer a number of fellowships for both undergraduate and graduate students. Applications can be found on their website.

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