• Kennedy Krieger Institute


    The Kennedy Krieger Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping improve the lives of children and adolescents with pediatric developmental disabilities and disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and musculoskeletal system. 


    The Institute was established in 1937 by Winthrop Phelps, M.D., and the goal of the institutions was to have a place where physicians, educators, researchers, nurses, and therapists could provide care, education, and support to children with developmental disabilities.  Later in 1963, the Kennedy family produced the first federally funded grant to expand the services offered by the institute. From 1988 to now, the organization has vastly expanded its research and clinical agenda and broadened its mission to helping children and adolescents not only with development disorders, but all types of brain disorders.


    The organization works to help children and adolescents with disabilities through:


    • Patient care through evaluation and treatment. 
    • Research and professional training Programs and Studies
    • Special education schools and programs
    • Community programs and resources


    Kennedy Krieger's offers several inpatient units, more than 55 outpatient clinics, and several home and community programs to help evaluate and treat patients.  Special education efforts for children, adolescents, and young adults include their Kennedy Krieger School which is a "Blue Ribbon School of Excellence."  Additionally, they offer school-based, hospital-based, and recreational programs to help those with learning, emotional, physical, neurological, and developmental disabilities.


    The Institute has a special program known as the Interactive Autism Network which is an online research platform and registry that helps connect people with autism spectrum and their families with researchers across the nation.  The program helps facilitate research that aims to explore what causes autism spectrum disorders and how to treat them.


    Research programs also include programs that explore brain imaging technology, motion analysis, and the environmental and biological basis of behavior. Continuing medical education and state-wide training programs from the Institute help train medical and clinical professionals about neurodevelopmental disabilities and any new treatments or learnings.


    The Kennedy Krieger Institute also offers community resources and information to help those with developmental disabilities achieve their full potential. Community outreach, information dissemination, professional training, and research opportunities are created with community partners to help raise awareness improve the lives of those with developmental disabilities or brain disorders.


    Students of our psychology programs who are specializing in applied behavior analysis can visit Kennedy Kriger's website at www.kennedykrieger.org to learn more about brain disorders, behavioral problems, or autism spectrum disorders.  As part of Autism Awareness Month, those interested in learning more about autism or in learning more about the Kennedy Krieger Institute and its resources can visit the site and become more informed.


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