• Nonprofit: Education Trust

    The Education Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the gaps in opportunity and achievement for students from low-income families or who are black, Hispanic, or American Indian.  The organization focuses on helping students at all levels of education from pre-kindergarten through college. 

    The organization advocates for equitable education to all students through various methods that include research and advocacy.  Education Trust strives to transform schools by working with educators, parents, students, policymakers, and other leaders to help serve institutions appropriately.

    Education Trust analyzes government data to understand education and opportunity gaps and identify ways to close them.  Education Trust leaders, education experts, and volunteers also work together to take part in policy debates or support legislation that will help all students and schools reach high levels of achievement. 

    The organization believes that providing everyone with an appropriate education can close the inequality gap and benefit a democratic society.  By understanding the issues that create gaps in education and looking for or advocating for solutions to lessening the education or opportunity gap, Education Trust believes that the lives of young people and many people with potential could be improved. 

    According to the Education Trust, they promote and support policies that raise student achievement, remove gaps in achievement, and ensure that all students have an opportunity to succeed. Below is a list of some of the advocacy projects that the Education Trust is involved in:

    • College affordability
    • Accountability in K-12 education to help meet expectations
    • Supporting educators and promoting quality instruction for students, especially those who need it the most
    • Fiscal equality and comparability in schools that allows all schools the same access to funding and effective instruction
    • High standards and high quality assessments
    • Public information and reporting for parents to be better informed

    Students of our master’s degree in education or master’s degree in teachingprograms who would like to learn more about the Education Trust can visit their website.  The Education Trust offers information about the organizations, ways to help support its cause, and resources for anyone interested in academic achievement and improving the state of education today.

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