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    Working to Help K-12 Students Access Digital Learning and Improving Educational Outcomes

    In today’s digital world filled with smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers, one would think that digital learning and education is an option available to all K-12 students. Unfortunately, the use of technology in education can be costly and not always accessible to children from low-income families or neighborhoods. However, organizations like CFY are serving students from low-income public schools so that they can access digital learning tools and methods. 

    CFY is a nonprofit organization that provides a digital learning program to low-income public schools. Teachers or college students interested in instructional technology could explore the CFY website and learn about CFY’s digital learning program. The program helps students, teachers, and parents use digital learning platforms and activities that meet the needs of K-12 students. CFY was founded in 1999 by Elizabeth Stock and Dan Dolgin. Stock and Dolgin felt that technology could play a transformative role in education for low-income students and their families.

    CFY believes that digital learning has potential to improve teaching and learning, and the power to address educational outcomes such as:

    • Increasing learning time by taking learning beyond the classroom
    • Individualizing student learning and increasing student engagement
    • Encouraging self-direct learning and accountability, and
    • Enabling parents to help support their children at home

    Initially, the organization began by partnering with schools to implement digital learning programs and distribute computers to schools and families. Later on CFY started to create educational software that they would include in the home computers they distributed. CFY also partnered with schools and executives to evaluate and discuss digital learning software. After a boost in funding, CFY launched a free online learning platform, currently called PowerMyLearning.com. 

    PowerMyLearning.com is accessible to anyone online. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, and W.K. Kellog Foundation, the platform was made for students, teachers, and parents to offer quality digital K-12 learning activities. 

    The platform offers tutorials, educational games and simulations, interactives, and videos for students, teachers, and parents. Students of our Master of Science in Education in Instructional Technology or other School of Education degree programs, families, or anyone interested in using the PowerMyLearning online platform can visit PowerMyLearning.com and create a free account. The platform provides:

    • Access to free professional development webinars for educators
    • Multiple user accounts for all group or class constituents
    • Notice of new features
    • Networking opportunities to connect with other members and leaders in the field

    To learn more about CFY, their research, or getting involved through volunteering, visit www.cfy.org.

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