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    Kaplan University Establishes a Chapter of Autism Speaks U

    Autism SpeaksTM is a national organization founded in 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, whose grandson Christian was diagnosed with autism.

    The organization’s goal is to improve the future for all who struggle with this serious disorder, and to urge the government and private sector to take action to battle the global health crisis.

    Autism Speaks is a significant source of funding for addressing the causes, prevention, and treatments of autism. It also serves to build awareness of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and advocates for the needs of affected individuals and their families. 

    Students Join the Outreach: Autism Speaks U

    The college outreach program of Autism Speaks, Autism Speaks U, brings the organization’s message directly to students across the country, offering them ways to get involved and support their local autism community.

    Since its founding 8 years ago, Autism Speaks U has raised more than $1 million dollars; the program’s student-organized walk teams have raised millions more.

    Kaplan University’s Official Autism Speaks U Chapter

    Kaplan University students established the first online chapter of Autism Speaks U.  The Autism Speaks U Kaplan University chapter includes members from all over the country who work together using an eBoard format to host virtual meetings and online events, as well as traditional tactics for raising awareness and funds to support the organization.

    The founding administration team is comprised of Patti Pelletier, Miranda Brand, Lisa Wright, Nate Daigle, and Mary Lynn Gautreaux,  a cross functional team of Kaplan University leadership that includes representatives from the Office of Student Life, Alumni Services, and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    The founders of the student eBoard consists of Melanie Fernandez as president, Jennifer Perkins as vice president, John-Paul Blix as secretary, and Kristy McCullough as treasurer. Lisa Wright serves as the chapter’s faculty advisor.  All of the students on the eBoard are part of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

    How You Can Get Involved in Autism Speaks U

    Autism Awareness Month begins in April and World Autism Day is on April 2.  Autism Speaks and people throughout the world will “Light It Up Blue” on April 2 and throughout the month to help shine a light on Autism Awareness Month. You can visit www.lightitupblue.org to learn more about Autism Speaks’ Light It Up Blue initiative.

    Kaplan University Students can also register online to join Kaplan University’s chapter of Autism Speaks U. As a participant, you’ll be part of a network of enthusiastic students, and have access to fundraising tools, awareness ideas, and much more.  

    Students can also reach out to Student Life by sending an email requesting more information to studentlife@kaplan.edu.  Participating in Autism Speaks U is also great way to gain professional experience for your résumé and earn volunteer hours.

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