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    Connect With Health and Safety Training Opportunities at the American Red Cross

    Founded more than 130 years ago by legendary nurse Clara Barton, the American Red Cross helps millions of people in need throughout the United States and around the world.  Volunteers and donors from all over help the American Red Cross with its mission to help others during emergency situations.

    The Red Cross stands by fundamental principles, including:

    • Humanity—assists without discrimination wherever help is needed.
    • Impartiality—regardless of nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinion, the Red Cross helps where there is a need to alleviate or prevent suffering, while giving priority only to the most urgent need.
    • Neutrality—no sides are taken when help is given.
    • Independence—maintains autonomy while respecting the laws of governments.
    • Voluntary Service—efforts are driven by voluntary movements and not for a desire to gain or prosper financially.
    • Unity—only one Red Cross society per country which is open to all who would like to help.
    • Universality—all Red Cross societies around the world are treated equally and work together as one.

    But did you also know that the Red Cross is also a rich source of information, skill building, and emergency training for all Americans? Students in Kaplan University’s health sciences programs or pursuing degrees in nursing can visit the Red Cross website for information and opportunities to volunteer.

    The organization offers a wide range of opportunities you can use in home, school, and the workplace. 

    A surprising number of jobs require workers to maintain up-to-date lifesaving skills courses and programs that the Red Cross offers related to health care, emergency response, lifeguarding, teaching—even babysitting. 

    Even if you don’t face health emergencies on the job, you and your family can still benefit from Red Cross training. Connect with a wide range of learning and teaching opportunities at the American Red Cross website.

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